Pastor-Parish Relations Committee Webinar Scheduled for March 19th

March 10, 2015

Transitioning Well: The Role of the PPRC in Leading through Pastoral Change PPRCs are invited to participate in a webinar on Thursday night, March 19, 2015, which will focus on the best practices of leading through a pastoral change.  Below is the link.  Please connect by 7:00pm and the content will start at 7:05pm to give everyone a chance to get connected and settled in.  For approximately 45 minutes, Amy Coles and Lory Beth Huffman will share information and answer your questions.  They, then, will turn the meeting over to you to continue the conversation or handle any other business you might have. Handouts will be available on the Conference website and through your district office. Here’s the link to use: Please use the following email address to send in your questions during the webinar.  We will attempt to answer all the questions that we receive. If you have technical difficulties, please either email your questions to or call 828-612-2253 for technical assistance. A troubleshooting guide has also been prepared.  Click here to access that helpful information. The video and documents all available to download/print are on one page on the website: 03/19/15 Webinar- Pastor Parish Relations Committee