Rethink Church Offers Lent/Easter Resources

February 19, 2015

loginpagebannerRethink Church is offering a Lent/Easter video customized for local churches for free (in digital format). (See below) You can order this by contacting They also have complementary pieces like a sermon starter, worship graphics, bulletin cover, and more, all available for download on our e-store here. In addition, they are offering a direct mail program to promote Easter Sunday. United Methodist Communications is managing the printing, customization, mailing list purchase and postage for this direct mail program.  In exchange, participating churches are only required to pay a handling fee that is pro-rated based on the order quantity and postcard options selected. This handling fee represents a significant savings for churches relative to the typical market cost of a direct mail program of this nature. To order cards, churches should visit Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.