Responsible Outreach Conference Offered by Duke Divinity School

January 13, 2015

dukeds logo-300x123Responsible Outreach: The Church in Mission February 20-21, 2015 Duke Divinity School What does it mean to be a local church doing outreach? What is the church’s theological and ethical responsibility to its community? How can churches be more responsible disciples in their local and global settings? How can churches navigate the complexities of race, socio-economics, culture, and community histories to fulfill our mission of transforming the world for the sake of Jesus Christ? Join us as pastors and students come together to wrestle with these questions, alongside four experts in missions and outreach. Conference participants include: Bishop Hope Morgan WardBishop, North Carolina Annual Conference, President of the General Board of Global Ministries. Bishop Ward has been involved in missions throughout the United Methodist church, in rural and urban settings, as well as presiding over the church’s response to major natural disasters in her episcopal areas. Bishop Peter WitbooiBishop, Central District of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa. Bishop Witbooi’s episcopal area includes Johannesburg, mining communities, agricultural areas, and informal townships. His ministry has included work in Apartheid era South Africa, and modern social issues within South Africa. Rev. Sikawu Makubalo - Rev. Makubalo began his ministry in a mining community outside of Johannesburg. Currently, he serves as the minister of a church in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, working to integrate that church congregation. He also serves as the chair of the missions and outreach committee for the Central District, working closely with Bishop Witbooi. He has a passion for reconciliation, building sustainable community partnerships, and working with impoverished areas. Rev. W. Joseph Mann - Rev. Mann retired in 2010 after 20 years as director of the Rural Church Division of the Duke Endowment. During his time at the Duke Endowment, Rev. Mann helped strengthen the rural church in North Carolina, and pioneered the Thriving Rural Communities Initiative, which funds seminary education for clergy committed to serving the rural church. Currently, Rev. Mann teaches courses in church leadership and philanthropy at Duke Divinity You can register at: *Allen Stanton is a Rural Fellow in the Thriving Rural Communities program at Duke and has helped to develop this program.  He is a WNCC certified candidate for appointment this year.  He is also working with the Center for Reconciliation and the Student Life office at Duke Divinity School on this event.