2023 Retiree Health Benefit Rates

October 6, 2022

By: Mark King, Conference Treasurer

TO: WNCC Clergy & Congregations

FROM: R. Mark King, Conference Treasurer

RE: Retiree Health Benefit Rates 2023

The Conference Board of Pension and Health Benefits upon recommendation from the Health Benefits Subcommittee of the Board has approved the 2023 Retiree Health Plan.

In 2021, the Retiree Plan moved from self-funded status, just as the Active Plan is currently, to a fully insured plan with Humana. The plan was a Medicare Advantage Plan. For 2023, we are pleased to present a switch from Humana to Cigna. There are several reasons for this switch:

1. The Cigna network, which is what the current Active Health Plan uses, is a vast international network of hospitals, physicians and healthcare providers. If your healthcare provider accepts Medicare, they should accept the Cigna plan.

2. The new coverage will offer a dental allowance of up to $1,000 per year, Vision care including eye wear up to maximum of $100 per year, hearing coverages including aids up to $1,400 per year.

3. Cigna offers all the incentives and cost saving offerings as Humana.

4. Medications and prescriptions will continue to be offered in the same manner as Humana.

5. Benistar, our plan administrator, will continue to manage the plan for the conference

6. Perhaps the best of all, is that the Cigna plan is offered at a reduced cost to the conference, so we are pleased to present a 10% reduction from your current 2022 premium. Pricing continues to be based on years of qualified service.

Retirees will receive an announcement letter from Benistar about the switch to Cigna in November. Furthermore, Cigna will mail cards to the retirees by mid-December.

Because we are already under an Advantage Plan, we believe the switch should be easier than when it went from self-funded to Humana. You will receive your new cards by January 2023. For any questions, please reach out to Benistar at 800-236-4782 or contact Dale Bryant, Benefits Administrator at 704-714-2332 / dbryant@wnccumc.org.

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