BOTH/AND Learning Lab – What’s Next!

September 13, 2022

BOTH/AND Learning Lab – What’s Next!

Pushing the Progression of Hybrid Ministry

Worship/Discipleship/Equipment/New Expressions

As the Both/And movement continues to remain relevant in our churches, now more than ever, the office of Church Development is offering another opportunity to continue to build on the hybrid worship foundation in the WNCC. The Both/And Learning Lab on October 22 will explore the progression and next iterations of hybrid ministry. The event will give you an opportunity to experience hybrid focused worship, feel what deeper participation is like, explore what hybrid discipleship might look like, be able to work hands on with software and hardware, and get a glimpse of what starting new forms of church might look like in hybrid settings. Our goal is to help you take your hybrid worship and ministry to the next level.

The worship will begin with a worship experience, followed by a keynote about “Hybrid Hospitality in a Both/And Way”. We will then go deeper with interactive workshops led by experienced practitioners in hospitality, discipleship, equipment, and starting new things.

In true Both/And fashion, this will be available both in person and online.

Presenters: Jason Moore, Luke Edwards, Sam Burleson & Ken Morgan, Lexi Hernandez, and Rob Hutchinson

When: October 22, 9 am - 3 pm

Where: Assurance UMC in Huntersville. You can also participate online. (We practice what we preach!)

Who It's For: Anyone who wants to up the level of their church's Hybrid Ministry

Cost: $25 per team. 1-5 persons per team. (Lunch is included for those in-person.)

Sign Up:

There will be a morning and an afternoon workshop. Each group can choose two workshops subject to availability.


Learning Lab Workshops


Both/And Hospitality: Jason Moore

In a season where everything feels different, how can we claim or reclaim a passion for radical hospitality, making great first impressions and work toward being poised for guests?

You’ll learn how to make great first impressions from your website (the front door), to the building (the physical door). We’ll talk best practices on signage, developing hybrid language that includes everyone, learn how to build a relational pathway into your communities and so much more. The BOTH/AND Hospitality training also includes instructions for how to conduct your own customized Guest Readiness training at your church.

While many things have shifted, we ought not create an experience where hospitality is extended only to those in the building but is meant for every valued member of our congregation.

Both/And Equipment and Software Lab: Sam Burleson and Ken Morgan

This is your opportunity to get your hands dirty (with Hybrid worship equipment!). In this breakout session we will focus our attention on the installation and execution of a livestream service with Mevo cameras and ProPresenter software. If you have already purchased your equipment, this is the time to set it up and discover what it can do. So, bring it with you and let’s learn together.


Fusion Faith – Lexi Hernandez

The Faith Infusion Box is a subscription box experience via mail or front door delivery, accessible no matter where you live! This experience encourages you to think INSIDE the box. For each message series or theme, we provide a correlating subscription box that contains content relating to the current theme. This content consists of tangible items and spiritual + personal development material that allow for engaging conversations and activities. We ensure that the materials offered are practical, interactive, memorable, and fun. The items are designed for self-paced self-reflection and group interaction.

During the Faith Infusion Box workshop, we will learn how to create memorable, fun, and interactive content for members to experience in the form of a subscription box. The purpose of this workshop is to encourage people to think INSIDE the box, from the comfort of their own home or in any setting alongside family and friends. The context of your church's content may differ from others', so we will learn how to tap into the felt needs of your specific audience. Join us as we: Provide a unique experience for members to grow outside of Sunday Worship

Provide tangible items to remind them of their faith in day-to-day life Meet people where they are as they explore their faith journey in new ways Provide an opportunity for self-paced self-reflection AND group interaction Have FUN with ministry :)

Digital Fresh Expressions: Luke Edwards
In this workshop you will learn the basics of creating a digital fresh expression. A fresh expression is a new form of church that connects with people your Sunday morning congregation isn't able to reach. We'll talk about simple steps you can take to reach out and gather new people in your community and beyond. Attendees will receive a free copy of Luke's book, Becoming Church: A Trail Guide for Starting Fresh Expressions.


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