Reporting Church Updates for the 2022 Journal

July 5, 2022

By: Marsha Patton

The Conference Office is collecting information for the 2022 Journal, and as in years past, is requesting churches to report church and parsonage renovations, remodeling, new buildings, dedications, etc. that took place over the past year (July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022).  For your reference, a copy of the 2021 Journal Historical Data pages gives examples of information reported most recently. 

  • Examples of of information to report would be: Question #6: Churches Remodeled:
    • Replaced roof
    • Remodeled restrooms to be handicapped-accessible
    • Remodeled chancel; painted and carpeted sanctuary
    • Installed sump pump 
  • Other questions include:
    • Dedications / consecrations
    • Parsonage changes, such as purchase or building, remodeling, or selling a parsonage.
    • "all other changes" are often activities such as paving the parking lot, installing a new AV/media system, or purchasing assets like a plot of land or 15-passenger van
  • If in doubt about whether to include something, please do! 
  • If you don't have anything to report, no need to submit a form!
To make this quick and easy, we have created an online form to share these changes.  Please complete the survey form at:
Please submit the online form by Thursday, August 25, 2022.

If you had no changes at your church or parsonage, please do not submit the form!  If you have questions, please contact your district office!

We know the last few years have been strange and difficult in many ways, so we look forward to hearing about these positive events in the life of your church!

Thank you for your help!