The Quiet Miracles of Spiritual Direction in Groups

October 21, 2021

An Introduction with Practice
Two day retreat: Sat, November 20, 10am-8pm
AND Sun, November 21, 9am-12pm

Spiritual Direction in Groups is a gentle, rhythmic process of expanding our capacity for deep, holy listening to God, self, and others. Quiet miracles take place here, rippling out, impacting our world for good. Taught internationally, known by various names (Circles of Grace, Listening Circles, Trust Circles), all are gatherings of companions and co-listeners for the voice of God. We come, supporting each other in our desire to become clearer about and more cooperative with God’s movements and invitations in the stories of our individual lives. This process, which occurs in small circles of four to five people, is an intentional action on our part to do what we were taught as children: to stop, look, and listen for one’s inner teacher — the Holy Spirit.

During this Two Day Workshop/Retreat you will:

  • Experience group spiritual direction within a prayerful community.

  • Deepen your contemplative grounding through authentic sharing and faithful listening.

  • Expand your capacity to listen to God on behalf of others.

  • Find support for your call/vocation.

  • Explore ways to develop this holy process in your own setting.

Spiritual Care