Laity Sunday: Celebrating Our WNCC Laity

October 12, 2021

By: John Crane, WNCC Conference Lay Leader

Creating and sustaining vital congregations that effectively transform lives and communities requires a strong partnership between our clergy and our laity. 

Each year on Laity Sunday (this year, October 17, 2021), we celebrate the priesthood of all believers and give thanks and appreciation for the many ways that our laity support the work of our local churches. (Click here to learn more about the history of Laity Sunday.)

The WNC Conference Board of Laity encourages each church to use Laity Sunday as a way to celebrate the contributions of laity to the life of the church. While Laity Sunday is typically observed on the third Sunday of October, local churches may choose to observe Laity Sunday on a different Sunday of their choosing. Discipleship Ministries has made available a variety of resources to assist pastors and worship leaders in worship planning for Laity Sunday.

On behalf of the Board of Laity, I would like to extend our thanks to the thousands of laity across the Western North Carolina Conference whose willingness to share their time, talents, resources, and witness are helping us achieve our mission to “follow Jesus, make disciples, and transform the world.” May God continue to richly bless your ministries as you seek to bless others.

Laity Resources for Worship