Both/And Worship Technology Grants

March 30, 2021

By: Grants are available to help improve your online worship presence!

During the Covid-19 quarantine, most churches were forced to focus on online worship in new ways. As the quarantine comes to an end, churches will be exploring what it looks like to offer both in-person and online worship. The Office of Church Development envisions 200 churches offering high-quality, online and in-person worship services in our post-Covid world.

This grant is designed to help churches explore and implement best practices for offering BOTH online AND in-person worship. The Both/And Worship Grant will help churches with training and funding for technology improvements.

This grant will offer the following benefits to participant churches:

  • Access to training Webinars
  • Individual consultation with recommendations
  • Matching grant funds to purchase recommended equipment
  • A pastor cohort to explore, develop, and implement best practices.
  • Training opportunities for Media Team members to improve the use of technology in online worship.
These grants are made possible through generous grants from the United Methodist Foundation and the Reynolds Ministry Fund. Grant applications will remain open while funds last. Approvals will be made in batches. Applications received by the 1st of the month will be answered by the 15th. Applications received by the 15th will be answered by the 1st of the following month.

For more information, and to apply, visit: