Paycheck Protection Program Loans Still Available

June 22, 2020

Jim Eads, TUMCU President, is pleased to announce the The United Methodist Credit Union (TUMCU), has already funded nearly $2.8 million dollars of forgivable loans under the SBA's Paycheck Protection Program.  They are happy to have helped dozens of United Methodist churches, as well as agencies, districts, charities, and even a couple of Methodist camps weather the storm of the recent COVID-19 economic shutdown.

There is still significant money available in this program and TUMCU would like to help any church or organization they can obtain this needed funding.  Many churches may not be familiar with how the program works, but TUMCU can provide a lot of assistance in this regard, and help churches and organizations qualify for complete forgiveness of these low-interest loans.  Essentially, the result is permanent, no-cost funding for your church or organization.

Any interested party can call TUMCU at (804) 672-0200 to learn more, or can actually start the application process at

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