Pilgrimage to Korea for Spiritual Renewal

October 16, 2019

Word of Invitation
Greetings in the Lord! Over 17 years of ministry in the WNCC, I have learned many things from my ministry colleagues and lay members. They have also asked me to introduce Korean spirituality and unique theological context in South Korea. Rev. Jun Seo, Pastor at Greensboro Korean UMC, and I are inviting you to a Pilgrimage to South Korea for Spiritual Renewal.
It will be a time for us to renew our callings for ministry, to experience prayer life and devotions with Korean Methodists, to be equipped with cultural intelligence and marginal leadership, and to rethink of our ministries in multi-cultural contexts. In addition, we will enjoy cultural tastes of South Korea, visiting various sites.
Please read the pilgrimage information in the below and be a pilgrim with us. If you have any questions, please reach me at jlee@wnccumc.net or 704-408-0909.
Sincerely, Jae Lee
Bupyeong Methodist Church in South Korea will host Pilgrimage for Spiritual Renewal for Western North Carolina Conference pastors. Through the church’s radical hospitality and service, pilgrims may experience how to practice the teachings of Jesus Christ and embrace one another as brothers and sisters while we are strangers.
Through this pilgrimage to S. Korea for spiritual renewal, all pilgrims will experience radical hospitality, Korean spirituality, and power of prayer life. Moving toward margins, pilgrims may also deepen their theological understandings on marginality, reconciliation, immigration and inclusion, and peaceable relationship building with others.  
-     Building relationship with the Korean Methodist Church & Bupyeong Methodist Church
-     Developing cultural intelligence for missional creativity in different contexts
-     Learning Korean spirituality through prayer life
-     Understanding the Korean context and marginal leadership
-     Rethinking on the Post-Christendom ministries and church leadership for today 
 * All pilgrims are expected to attend the pre-pilgrimage workshop in Greensboro and all worship services and programs during the pilgrimage.
* Valid passport for traveling outside the US

Registration Due: October 30, 2019
Pre-Pilgrimage Workshop: February 8, Saturday, 11am – 2pm at Greensboro Korean UMC
Pilgrimage Dates: March 4 – 12, 2020 /
Pilgrims: 30 clergy from WNCC
Cost: Nonrefundable registration fee - $100 / Airfare - $1,350 (CLT – ICN with Korean Air)
          Total - $1,450 (make payable to Calvary UMC, 512 West Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28203)
          *All pilgrimage cost in S. Korea will be taken care of by Bupyeong Methodist Church.
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to participate in the pre-pilgrimage workshop and
all services and activities during the pilgrimage.
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          *If you need financial assistance for pilgrimage, please briefly describe your need and
            email to Jae Lee at jlee@wnccumc.net.