January 3, 2019

ADDENDUM TO YEAR END REPORTING:  You will find Supplements 1 and 2 in your church dashboard (link). This will be done as a FormVite, similar to how you submitted your church and clergy profiles.

PLEASE NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PRINT AND MAIL. We no longer require you to mail them in. Once they have been signed and you have "Officially Submitted" your Formvite, there is nothing else you need to do.

Instructions (please make sure to "Allow Images" for full instructional help, as the instructions include images):

  1. To find the form, please go to your Church Dashboard and click Submittable Forms: 
  2. Click on the form "Supplements to 2018 Statistical Table 1 AND 2"
  3. Click "Start this Form"  
  4. Fill out the form as completely as you can. The first name and last name should be of the person filling out the form. You can go back and edit as much as necessary,by clicking the "Save Progress/Submit" button (note: your form is not officially submitted until you follow all the instructions below!) 
  5. There are three signatures required. Each person must attest and sign that the form and the statistical table has been completed to the best of their knowledge. 
  6. If all three are not present to sign at the same time, you can send them the URL (found at the top of their browser - your URL is unique to you, please do not use the one below, but the one in your browser) to each person via email. Please make sure they hit save after they sign. 
  7. Once everyone has signed and the form is complete, go back to your fomrvite page (this can be completed either by going back to your church dashboard and clicking "Submittable Forms" OR by hitting the "Save Progress/Submit" button and then clicking the "Tell Us You're Done" button. 
  8. If everything has been filled out and the required signatures are complete, it will give you the option to "Officially Submit My Form" by typing in your name and clicking the button.
  9. If completed correctly, it will say "Your progress: SUBMITTED ON" 

Thank you for your assistance in submitting these supplements. As always, please contact your District Office Administrator if you have any issues.