Lay Servant Ministry - Open the Door

July 3, 2018

Have you noticed a call to ministry in a member of your congregation? Perhaps, you feel God's calling? The WNCCUMC wants you to know there are pathways available to equip laity with the resources they need to serve in Lay Servant Ministries. With different tracks for Certified Lay Servants, Certified Lay Speakers, and Certified Lay Ministers, there are opportunities to provide just the right level of training for each person's calling. Lay Servant Ministries give laity an opportunity to serve in partnership with Clergy, offering much needed support in our churches. You may remember Tom Bridges' Laity Address at Annual Conference. As Tom was discerning the call on his heart, a door opened. Let's continue opening doors. By engaging with a conference training model, we are able to have to a clear understanding of how to best match our certified laity with the right opportunities to serve. We're also excited to use this opportunity to generate a conference-wide database for Lay Servant Ministries. As our database populates, it will become easier than ever for clergy to identify folks available to help provide extra support. This database will also help cut-down on paperwork for Charge Conference!!

If you want to learn more, or if you know a lay person who has this calling, we invite you to join us. Laity, remember: You are significant! A seed has been planted in you! To share the LSM video from Annual Conference, view Frequently Asked Questions, or download a matrix of the three LSM pathways, visit: Click "Open the Door" and begin your journey on discovering if Lay Servant Ministries is right for you. We also invite you to join us for our first Come and See Lay Servant Ministries Discernment Event. Get all your questions about Lay Servant Ministries answered on Saturday, July 28th. To register, click here.

Thank you for remembering the importance of teaching with us at Annual Conference. We know we're better equipped to Go, Teach, when we have the tools we need to be successful. The conference is excited to reimagine Lay Servant Ministries and offer this training to all who feel called. 

Open the door,
Kylee Rose Frye
WNCCUMC CLM Leadership Team