Leading in Community

Resources focusing on understanding context and community to develop a clear vision and goal while  building management skills. Click here for a more detailed description.
Congregational Consulting Group
The Congregational Consulting Group, former consultants of the Alban Institute, publishes thoughts on topics of interest to leaders of congregations and other purpose-driven organizations. 

The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection offers practical tools for clergy, church staff, and volunteers to strengthen the church.

HeartEdge - Catalysing Kingdom Communities

Initiated by the congregation at St Martin-in-the-Fields, England, in 2017, HeartEdge is a movement for renewal, fueled by people and churches sharing their assets, experience, resource and need. Rev. Dr. Samuel Wells is the pastor of the church. 

Weave: The Social Fabric Project - The Aspen Institute

Weave: The Social Fabric Project aims to build social trust to address the root cultural cause behind many of America’s social problems.

Margaret J. Wheatley

Meg Wheatley focuses on leaders who desire change in their community. One helpful book for leaders: “Who DO We Choose to Be? Facing Reality, Claiming Leadership, Restoring Sanity.

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