Leading in Community

Resources focusing on understanding context and community to develop a clear vision and goal while  building management skills. Click here for a more detailed description.
Four Characteristics of Leadership Identified in Call to Action
As part of the Call to Action report, presented at General Conference, the Towers Watson Research and Consulting Organization identified fourteen measures with the greatest influence on clergy leadership effectiveness (page 45 of the report).
Culture Mapping

The culture map allows you to have a conversation about three key elements: outcomes, behaviors, enablers and blockers. 

Theology of Mission Podcast

The Theology on Mission Podcast explores God, the church, and everything else. Co-hosts David Fitch and Mike Moore talk about current topics in our culture and  pressing issues facing the church with the purpose of doing contextual theology. Conversations revolve around studying our cultural contexts to see how we can engage local communities with the gospel.

Effective Church Management

Management of people in the local church encompasses both paid staff and volunteer leadership. It is a function of ensuring that both groups understand the mission, vision, and strategic objectives of the church and are working collaboratively to fulfill them.

The Incarnation as contextual ministry

The Incarnation teaches us that God cares about context. When God took on flesh, God became a first-century Jewish baby born of a teenage virgin and laid in a manger. God knows what it is to be counted among the marginalized, the insignificant, and the poor. And when the angels announce his birth with trumpets of proclamation and joy, those in solidarity with the poor, excluded, soon-to-be refugee Christ Child receive that same heavenly blessing.

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