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12 After [Jesus] washed the disciples’ feet, he put on his robes and returned to his place at the table. He said to them, “Do you know what I’ve done for you? 13 You call me ‘Teacher’ and ‘Lord,’ and you speak correctly, because I am. 14 If I, your Lord and teacher, have washed your feet, you too must wash each other’s feet. 15 I have given you an example: Just as I have done, you also must do. 16 I assure you, servants aren’t greater than their master, nor are those who are sent greater than the one who sent them. 17 Since you know these things, you will be happy if you do them.   (John 13:12-17, CEB)

  In 2012, the General Conference of The United Methodist Church changed the name of Lay Speaking Ministries to Lay Servant Ministries.  The term servant was chosen to expand the reach of this leadership development program.  No longer should participants view this as a training for only those who feel called to “fill the pulpit” when the pastor is away.

There is no change in the process of becoming a local church or certified lay servant.

Local Church Lay Speaker is now a Local Church Lay Servant – One receives this designation once he/she take the basic lay servant class.  A lay servant will receive training to be a more effective Sunday School Class teacher, coordinator of Vacation Bible School, outreach ministry leader, etc.

Certified Lay Speaker is now a Certified Lay Servant – One receives this designation after having taken the basic class and then an advanced class.  Certified Lay Servants will leadership development training in order to serve their local church, district, and/or the conference in a multitude of ways.  For example, this program would be appropriate for those called to be an UMW or UMM district officer; those desiring to lead a mission project for a missional network; or someone who feels called to volunteer with Hospice, etc.   Certified Lay Servants who feel called to speak or preach at other churches in the district will be asked to meet with and be approved by the District Committee on Lay Servant Ministries.  This team will review a sermon preached by the certified lay servant and give constructive feedback on content and delivery. A new servant ministry role has also been added to this program:

Certified Lay Speaker – The purpose of this new designation is for persons who feel called to provide “pulpit supply” to a church.  As such, a Certified Lay Speaker might fill in for 1-2 months at a church while the pastor is out on a formational and spiritual growth leave.  Alternatively, this person might also preach once a month on a multi-point charge.  Requirement for this new role include Lay Servant certification followed by 60 hours of classes (mostly online).  Once the required classwork is completed, the servant leader will meet with the District Committee on Lay Servant Ministries for approval.

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Downloadable Chart Explaining Training and Requirements of Lay Servants

Scheduled Training for 2018

Appalachian District- 
April 14 & 21- Wilkesboro UMC
Download Brochure | Register Online

Blue Ridge District-
United Methodist Polity & Introduction to Gracious Accountability Groups
April 14 & 21- Black Mountain UMC, Black Mountain, NC

February 24 & March 10- Salem UMC. Weaverville, NC
April 21 & 28- Pleasant Grove UMC, Forest City, NC

Metro District-

ADVANCED & BASIC in 4 locations/dates
April 7/8– North Davidson UMC
April 14/15 – Pineville UMC
April 28/29 – Central UMC, Charlotte

Basic class being offered at all locations (we hope to have a Basic course in Spanish at one location)
Advanced classes:
Transforming Evangelism

Transforming Community

$30 cost for each class. Times: Saturdays 8:30 am until 4 pm
Sundays 2 pm until 6:45 pm with graduation afterwards
Registration is required and each class has a limit of 18 students.

Also: Metro District Laity Roundtable  Seminars February 3, 2018

Northern Piedmont District-
Advanced and Basic Courses
February 24 & 25, March 3 & 4
More information | News article

Smoky Mountain District-

Course: Pastoral Care, May 5 & 12, 9 am-3 pm both days. Lunch. Location: First United Methodist, Franklin. Instructors TBD

April 13 & 14, Friday 5 pm- 9 pm, Sat. 9 am - 4:30 pm. Location: Maggie Valley, Instructor: Erma Bond. (Supper provided Friday. Lunch provided Saturday.


Name of Conference Chairperson Email     
Wade Loftin    
Name of District Chairperson Email 


District Superintendent
Kenny Bumgarner Appalachian Carl Arrington
Mary Cash Blue Ridge Beth Crissman
George Eubanks Catawba Valley Angela Pleasants
Irma Ellwanger  Metro  Mark Andrews
Margaret Cox Metro  Mark Andrews
Bobbie Denny Metro  Mark Andrews
Bonnie Burkett Northern Piedmont Nancy Rankin
Erma Bond Smoky Mountain Randy Harry
Dale McCoy Uwharrie Laura Auten
Amy Johnson Yadkin Valley Jeff Patterson
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