Part-time Program Director


Part Time Program Director Position Available
The Arts Alive Art Academy at Memorial is seeking a part-time Program Director. Candidates should possess strong administrative skills, a passion for the arts and a desire for students to develop their God given gifts. Position is 10-15 hours per week. Salary is $10-12k per 10-month school year.
Responsibilities of the director
The director shall work for the betterment of the art academy program and specifically to do the following, unless prevented by legitimate personal reasons:
1)     The director shall coordinate the development and implementation of curriculum as needed with the Arts Alive Board of Directors (AABOD) and clergy liaison.
2)     The director shall coordinate the scheduling of lessons/classes filling available time slots of all current music/art staff and assist the AABOD in hiring staff as needed. The director will foster an environment of unity among the staff with the shared mission of supporting students to be creative artists in the likeness of God. The director may coordinate staff meetings and social gatherings to promote collegiality among staff. The director shall supervise staff and complete annual reviews to be reported to the AABOD.
3)     The director shall effectively organize an office; assume day-to-day responsibility for the security of the facility; and supervise maintenance and cleaning. The director shall maintain inventories and records needed for program administration. 
4)     The director shall supervise registration and orientation of students and parents and oversee student discipline in the academy. The director shall engage parents and students to identify and address their needs. 
5)     The director shall collect, record, and write receipts of tuition payments. Administers assigned budget and tracks budget. Complete pertinent reports. The director shall collect staff time sheets and prepare payroll on a timely basis.
6)     The director shall be responsible for communications of the academy to parents and public: ex) newsletters, social media, website.
7)     The director may be called upon to make presentations to school boards, businesses and community agencies with the assistance of the AABOD. The director shall facilitate partnerships with appropriate public and private agencies that provide services to the students and families.
8)     The director shall maintain communication with the AABOD so they may report on the director’s behalf to the Administrative Board of the church about needs and aspects of the Art Academy program. 
9)     The director shall assist the liaison in preparing grants and proposals for supplemental funding.
10)  The director shall perform other duties as assigned by the AABOD.

Resumes will be accepted until August 11, 2023. Submit resume and cover letter to Arts Alive Art Academy, c/o Rev. Lynda Hepler, 101 Randolph St., Thomasville, NC 27360 or email to


Contact: Rev. Lynda Hepler

Church/Org/Business Name: Memorial UMC

Address: 101 Randolph St. Thomasville NC 27360

Phone: 336-472-9711

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