Director of Student Ministries


The Director of Student Ministries is responsible for our ministry for, with and by the youth of Bethany United Methodist Church and the Summerville Community. The role of the Director of Student Ministries is to equip, envision, train, motivate, coordinate, and assist others in implementing ministry to youth and young adults as a strong part of our total expression of the ministry at Bethany United Methodist Church.
The Director of Student Ministries is a part of the professional staff of this congregation, committed to the Christian faith, the church, and to ministry in and through this church. The Director shall work with the Church Council and Youth Council to consider, develop and coordinate goals and ministry for, with and by youth & adults.

  • Work in a cooperative/collaborative relationship with the Senior Pastor, with the understanding that in the United Methodist connection, the person appointed by the Bishop as Senior Pastor is ultimately responsible for the total life, ministry and administration of the church.
  • Be the staff person for the development and coordination of goals and ministry for youth (ages 12-18).
  • Coordinate and work with all professional staff to ensure that the church’s youth and young adult ministries support & enhance the total ministry of the church.
  • Recognize that specifics of ministry are often difficult to define and the following broad outline of responsibilities are intended more as a guide than a definition of limits or specific jobs.
  • Maintain regular office hours when the church office is open in order to be available to the congregation.
  • Participate fully in the church’s life and ministry.
  • Be available to discharge other responsibilities not included in this description at the direction of the Senior Pastor and/or other appointed committees which might normally be a part of the director’s responsibilities.
Education and Experience
This position requires a strong spiritual background and commitment to the church and to the ministry of the church. A minimum of 5 years of experience as a Youth Leader in a Church is desired and a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education in relevant fields is preferred. The candidate must have a proven track record of effective leadership, judgment, and above reproach character.
To Apply
Qualified candidates should send resume to Henry Thompson, Church Administrator at

Contact: Henry Thompson

Church/Org/Business Name: Bethany United Methodist Church

Address: Summerville SC 29483

Phone: 843-873-1230

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