Coordinator of Congregational Engagement


JOB TITLE:    Coordinator of  Congregational Engagement

REPORTS TO:    Executive Director

JOB CLASSIFICATION:    Full Time or Part Time depending on qualifications of candidates

HOURS:    Hours will vary from week to week.  The staff person is expected to be flexible and to work based upon the needs of the Church.

MINISTRY AREA:             Connections

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES:    The Coordinator of Congregational Engagement is responsible to create and execute programs that encourage financial giving and active congregational participation while maintaining alignment with Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC) core values (LOVE, GROW, SERVE). 

  • Learn the personality of CUMC and specifically the qualities and resources that make CUMC impactful within the UMC network and the CUMC community.

  • Know and support all ministries of CUMC.

  • Work with Lay Leaders of each ministry to understand purpose, activities and volunteer staffing needs.

  • Learn the goals of CUMC Directors for each of their areas of responsibility.

  • Coordinate the activities of church staff with the governing committees of the church (Finance, Church Council, SPRC, etc.) to improve mutual support.

  • Get to know church membership personally.

  • Become the membership data keeper by creating and maintaining a database of the member’s spiritual gifts, interests and church involvement.

  • Develop, implement and monitor a plan to enlist, retain and replenish volunteers and participants in CUMC ministry and other church programs.

  • Seek out and recruit church members whose spiritual gifts align with opportunities for participation in ministries, committees or other activities of the church.

QUALIFICATIONS:    Applicants should have:

  • Candidates should be gregarious, outgoing and affable.

  • Candidates should have an ability to communicate at every level.

  • Candidates should be good natured and easy to talk to.

  • Strong organizational skills.

  • Strong planning skills.

  • Strong documentation skills.

  • Experience in fund raising or similar.

  • College degree.

  • Experience in hospitality is preferred.

  • References and previous employment history required.


Additional qualifications as determined by the Staff-Parish Relations Committee.


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