Event Coordinator


Position:                    Event Coordinator
Responsible to:         Communication & Events Manager
Hours:                       Part-time
Typical work hours:   Some evenings and weekends
Long’s Chapel serves to host a variety of events from various groups in the community. The Event Coordinator would be the liaison between Long’s Chapel and the groups using the facilities. This person would be:

  • Responsible for understanding the policies and procedures related to the use of facilities, particularly those of the kitchen and playground.
  • Work with Facilities and Maintenance to have rooms set up properly for events. (Send email and diagram of set up to Facilities and Maintenance)
  • Coordinate and communicate with outside groups who would like to use the facilities of Long’s Chapel.
  • Be a Long’s Chapel presence at events to answer questions, provide assistance, and make groups feel welcome. This function may be performed by volunteers who are overseen by the Event Coordinator.
  • Work closely with the Director of Communications and Coordinator of First Impressions/Hospitality.
  • Work with the office manager to coordinate the outside events calendar, make sure the Facilities Use Agreement is filled out and returned, and facilities use fees are correctly applied for external events.
  • Funerals (Make sure Facilities and Maintenance know how rooms should be set and if the kitchen is being used that any outside caterers have been familiarized with the policies and procedures).
  • Weddings
  • Other tasks as assigned.

Contact: Tom Owens

Church/Org/Business Name: Long's Chapel

Address: 133 Old Clyde Rd Waynesville NC 28785

Phone: 828-456-3993 Ext. 201

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Website: www.longschapel.com