Age Level Assistant


Position: Age Level Assistant
Reports to Pastor of Next Generation
Workers Supervised:
Full Time Employee
Work Hours: Present for major children’s and youth ministries events and on-site staff hours, including Fridays 9 am-1 pm
Position Summary
The Age Level Assistant supports the Pastor of Next Generation and the ministry team through Sunday and Wednesday program coordination and is the primary organizer of major camps and family life events. They will work alongside age-level ministry leaders to effectively plan and implement intergenerational gatherings that bring people together in connection and fellowship throughout the year. Most importantly this position will empower our congregation, staff and ministries through engagement and a shared mission.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
The Age Level Assistant is responsible to the Pastor of Next Generation for the following:

  1. Assisting in all aspects of LCKids’ and LCYouth programming and events.
  2. Developing and managing volunteers.
  3. Equipping parents to be co-laborers in ministry. The Age Level Assistant partners with parents as co-laborers in ministry by resourcing, empowering and supporting them as they lay a faith foundation with their children.
  4. Managing routine administrative and operational tasks to help the ministry succeed.
  5. Programming & Events
  • The Age Level Assistant helps manage programmatic elements including prep and implementation; program vision, design and implementation.
  • The Age Level Assistant is responsible for creating, planning and executing events in collaboration with the LCKids’ ministry team and other ministry areas.
  • The Age Level Assistant is responsible for designing and setting up ministry areas that are safe, creative, inviting and meet the needs of the program/event.
  • Be an ambassador for Long’s Chapel in the community.
  • Equip and train volunteers to participate in Long’s Chapel summer events and other ministry opportunities.
  • Coordinate and welcome folks to the Wednesday night community meal during the school year in collaboration with ministry leaders
       6. Volunteer Development & Management
  • The Age Level Assistant recruits, trains and equips volunteers--taking care to celebrate and appreciate them regularly.
  • The Age Level Assistant provides communication, clarity and accountability to volunteers utilizing scheduling and coordinated volunteer systems. This includes adherence to and training regarding Long’s Chapel Safe Sanctuary Guidelines.
Qualifications: (Education/Experience)
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Two years of working WITH children professionally
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Enthusiastic and welcoming attitude
  • A passion for and ability to physically and spiritually shepherd children
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office
  • Effective communication skills
In the event of absence, job responsibilities will be discussed with immediate supervisor and redirected to other appropriate staff.
The above job description reflects the major qualifications and requirements of the position. This is meant to be a guideline and does not list in detail all the job responsibilities.

Contact: Tom Owens

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