Coordinator of Traditional Music




Traditional Music Coordinator to assist in the attainment of the Church’s mission by maintaining and growing our choir and traditional music specials, preparing a seasonal cantata for Christmas and Easter, and openness to bring back handbells and other special choral groups. 


  1. Specific hours to be in attendance: Sundays (8:00 am - 12:00 pm), Wednesdays ( 6:00-9:00 pm) and other hours as needed.
  2. Work with program staff and pastoral leadership to plan seamless worship services. 
  3. Direct the choir seasonally and prepare special music for times when the choir is not able to perform.
  4. Prepare and plan for special music at funerals, weddings, or other as needed. 
  5. Prepare for and implement seasonal cantatas. 
  6. Procure and maintain all musical materials including church-owned instruments, piano, organ, sound equipment, and music charts for rehearsal and performance, in addition to keeping our CCLI license current.1 
  7. Procure and supervise guest performers and/or substitute musicians, if necessary, within the constraints of the worship budget.
  8. Provide lyrics as needed for projection in worship. 
  9. Notify Senior Pastor of schedule conflicts and file reports when necessary


  • A music degree and previous work experience is preferred but not required. 
  • If you have no experience leading a traditional music group, proficiency would need to be shown through interview practices and/or demonstrated performance.
  • Core Competencies:
    • Teamwork - Demonstrates the ability to work with others toward a shared goal, participating actively, contributing to the capacity of the team.
    • Accountability & Responsibility - Accepts ownership for one’s own conduct, decisions, actions and failures; follows-through on commitments; implements agreed upon decisions; acknowledges and learns from mistakes.
    • Ethics / Morality - Behaves in a honest and professional manner by cultivating personal integrity; adheres to rules and procedures.
    • Communication (written/oral) -     Ensures that key and critical information is effectively shared and delivered in a manner that fulfills the needs of different audiences.
    • Conflict Management - Models tact, empathic listening and staying focused on desired outcomes while participating in difficult conversations. 

Contact: Ellen Coppley Florian

Church/Org/Business Name: Covenant Church UM

Address: 1526 Skeet Club Rd. High Point NC 27265

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