Director of Traditional Music


The Director of Traditional Music, working with Church leadership, will set the vision for the overall traditional music program of Seaside United Methodist Church and implement long and short-range plans for the entire traditional music ministry. The Director of Traditional Music will provide leadership to all volunteers involved in the traditional music program.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversee the traditional music program of SUMC for all traditional musical groups—children through adults. (Including but not limited to: Instrumental Ensembles, Vocal Ensembles, Hand Bell Ensembles/Choirs).
  • Consult regularly with pastors and other staff members in planning communications, coordinating schedules and establishing goals for the traditional music program and related activities.
  • Plan and prepare choirs/musicians for special traditional musical programs (Easter, Christmas, etc).
  • Provide musical consultation and support to special events such as Women’s Retreat, Country Fair, etc.
  • Identify, recruit and integrate new worshipers’ musical gifts into traditional ministry activities.
  • Integrate outside musical groups, performers, and events into the Church musical program for enhancement of the overall music ministry of SUMC.
  • Maintain church music facilities by providing a professional environment for rehearsals, and performances including organizing musical scores, organizing Choir Room. Ensure musical equipment, robes, and instruments (organ, piano, hand bells, etc) are maintained and upgraded appropriately.
  • Ensure equipment is available and choir rooms are set up and organized for maximum productivity at weekly rehearsals and performances.
  • Attend Worship Committee and Church Council meetings representing the interest of the traditional music ministry.
  • Prepare yearly budget for traditional music ministry including all materials and expenses. Submit purchase orders and receipts to the Office Manager for all expenditures.
  • Provide leadership and oversight for traditional choir and ensemble activities when requested to perform in support of community needs and services.
  • Provide musical support and consultation for funerals and weddings as requested and in compliance with Church guidelines.
  • Maintain professional credentials through self-development, workshops and seminars.
  • Manage and coordinate other special projects and perform other duties as directed by the Pastor(s) or SPRC.


  • Bachelor’s Degree of Music Education or Bachelor of Music Performance Certification, Music Ministry, preferred
  • Minimum 5 years of music ministry in a church environment
  • Experience producing and directing special events, musicals and programs
  • Demonstrated competency in playing organ/piano, other instruments
  • Experience leading and mentoring choirs/ensembles, working with children and adults
  • Proficiency in computer technology a plus
  • Knowledge of traditional worship practices and theological understanding and respect of the church sufficient to appropriately select music for traditional worship

Contact: Paula Biser, SPRC Chair

Church/Org/Business Name: Seaside United Methodist Church

Address: 1300 Seaside Road Sunset Beach NC 28468

Phone: 910.579.5753

Email: Click to email


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