Part-Time Custodian


Custodian (Part-time)
Job Description

A. Purpose
The purpose of the Custodian is to perform custodial duties necessary to keep church building clean, provide set-up for worship / special events, keep equipment in safe and working order,  note needs for repairs as needed, and to coordinate tasks with other staff and church leaders.  The person in this position is to present a positive, professional and welcoming demeanor to those who they come in contact.

B. Job Information
Classification:               Administrative Staff; Hourly; Part-Time; Non-Exempt
Supervisor:                  Minister and Church Business Administrator (direct) and Staff Parish Relations Committee (hiring, review/evaluation)
Work Schedule:           Anticipated 20 hours a week scheduled between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.  Hours: Monday - Friday; (Other hours as required depending on church activity.)

C. General Job Description for All Church Staff Members

  1. Have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
  2. Make every effort to ensure the safety and security of anyone involved in any activity or ministry of First United Methodist Church.Particular care should be taken around the Church campus.
  3. Maintain absolute confidentiality regarding information learned as an employee of FUMC. Step outside of one’s major area(s) of responsibility to enable the greater ministry of the Church when necessary.
  4. Show consideration toward the pastor(s) and members of the staff team.Work together as a team with other staff members.
  5. Participate in equipment training and professional growth opportunities.
  6. Perform whatever tasks assigned by the Senior Pastor which are needed to fulfill the Church’s goals and advance the work of the Kingdom of God.
D. Qualifications (Education/Background), Specific Knowledge, and Skills
  1. Significant experience that is directly related to the responsibilities specified.High School diploma or GED required.
  2. Working knowledge of custodial and cleaning procedures.Ability to follow safety procedures regarding cleaning supplies and equipment.
  3. Timely attendance with ability to vary schedule when needed.
E. Responsibilities
Weekly Schedule
  1. Unlock church for worship activities and secure church afterward. Keep walkways free from debris (and snow) as needed.
  2. Set air conditioning and heat at appropriate levels for day-to-day church and preschool operation.
  3. Clean, straighten, dust, and vacuum the Sanctuary, Balcony, Chancel, Chapel and Parlor on a regular schedule weekly, as coincides with scheduled church ministry programs and worship events.(Sunday Worship, Sunday School, Special Church Programs, and Special Church Events.)
  4. Set up tables and chairs as needed in all Sunday School classrooms and Fellowship Hall, for regularly scheduled Church ministry programs and special Church events.
  5. Set up communion tables in Sanctuary and Chapel per communion schedule.
  6. Clean and vacuum/dry mop church offices, choir room, classrooms, stairwells, elevator floor and fellowship hall once weekly. Dust/clean windows and sills to remove dust and debris. Wash blackboards in Sunday School Classrooms as needed. Straighten Chairs.
  7. Wet mop and clean (using appropriate equipment), hallways corridors, kitchen, pantry, Fellowship Hall tile floor and balcony floor.
  8. Empty trash in offices/preschool/nursery area daily and other building areas as required. Carry all trash to the dumpster daily.Handle recyclables on a weekly basis.
  9. Restrooms in office/preschool/nursery area will be cleaned daily, including commodes, urinals, sinks, mirrors, towel machines, and floors.All other restrooms will be checked and cleaned at least weekly or after special events that may have required their use.Maintain supplies and refill tissues, soap and paper towels.
Non-weekly Schedule
  1. Buff floors as needed. Strip and wax floors as needed.
  2. Clean inside windows twice annually and outside windows once annually.
  3. Change filters and regularly check and monitor heater, boiler, and air conditioners.Keep updated on schedules for automatic time settings for heat and air
  4. Check and replace light bulbs as needed.
  5. Check hardware on doors and windows for needed repairs and communicate needs to Church Business Administrator.
  6. Spot clean carpeted areas.
  7. Touch up painting as needed.
  8. Keep supply closets clean and in good order.
  9. Keep janitorial equipment in good working order.
  10. Work with church staff to order needed supplies and procure equipment supplies/repairs.
  11. Perform other tasks that may be assigned as needed.
F. Working Conditions
  1. Employee must be comfortable working alone in the facility.
  2. Routine job responsibilities require frequent physical demands.
  3. Must be able to lift a minimum of 35 pounds.


Contact: Rev. Curtis Goforth

Church/Org/Business Name: First United Methodist Church of Forest City, NC

Address: 341 E. Main St. Forest City NC 28043

Phone: (828) 245-6446

Email: Click to email

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