Church Business Administrator


Job Description

A. Purpose
The purpose of the Church Business Administrator is to support the Church’s programs and plans by addressing the business needs of the Church, serving as the Church’s Financial Officer, Business Administrator, and Human Resources contact.

B. Job Information
Classification: Administrative Staff / Full-time
Supervision: Pastor and Staff Parish Relations Committee
Work Schedule: Monday-Thursday 9:00 am-5:00 pm ; Friday 9:00 am-1:00 pm

C. General Job Description for all Administrative Staff Members

  1. Have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Work together as a team with other staff members.
  2. Make every effort to ensure the safety and security of anyone involved in any activity or ministry of First United Methodist Church.Particular care should be taken around the Church campus.
  3. Abide by and enforce the Safe Sanctuary policies of the Church and the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church.
  4. Maintain absolute confidentiality regarding information learned as an employee of FUMC.If there is any question about when confidentiality should be maintained, discuss the general situation with the Pastor.
  5. Step outside of one’s major area(s) of responsibility to enable the greater ministry of the Church when necessary.
  6. Show consideration toward the Pastor(s) and members of the staff team.
  7. Participate in training and professional growth opportunities.
D. Qualifications, Specific Knowledge, and Skills
  1. Bachelor’s degree in business or related field (or equivalent experience in lieu of degree)
  2. Three – five years’ experience in the field
  3. Computer experience with standard business software
  4. Knowledge of and experience with basic office machines
  5. Knowledge of copyright laws.
E. Responsibilities: Financial
  1. Keep all financial records up to date.
  2. Make appropriate payments to Conference and District Treasurer.
  3. Issue payroll checks to Church and Preschool staff.
  4. Responsible for confidential recording of contributions, donations, and accounts payable.
  5. Compile and complete contribution statements quarterly for all Church distributions.
  6. Prepare and present detailed written financial reports to the Finance Committee and Administrative Board and for the monthly Church Newsletter.
  7. Serve as a member of the Finance Committee as outlined in the United Methodist Church Discipline.
  8. Assist the Finance Committee and Stewardship Chairperson in the compilation, printing, and finalization of the Church budget.
  9. Prepare all monthly, quarterly, and annual Federal and State tax reports in compliance with State and Federal regulations.
  10. Prepare a monthly budget report for the Preschool.
  11. Responsible for all Preschool funds, income, and disbursements. (monthly receipts, tuition, etc. to be turned in by the Preschool Director).
  12. Serve as a member of the Endowment Committee and work directly with the Methodist Foundation regarding transfers, disbursements, and set up of new funds concerning the Robert Holmes Endowment.
  13. Update and maintain all financial software.
  14. Provide needed information to Charge Conference and complete the financial sections of the Annual Conference and Year End reports.
  15. Maintain all records regarding Church building and vehicle insurance.
Responsibilities: Administrative
  1. Schedule work, and supervise outside contractors and sales personnel (electricians, plumbers, heating/air technicians, elevator maintenance, etc.)
  2. Acts as liaison to negotiate and recommend contracts, including banking and insurance, as directed by the appropriate Church committees.
  3. Verify information and make arrangements with the various agencies regarding “Helping Hands Assistance” requests.
  4. Assist and advise members of the Robert and Evelyn Watkins Cancer Patient Assistance Committee.
  5. Make necessary phone calls and arrangements to meet the needs of those assisted by the Robert and Evelyn Watkins Cancer Patient Assistance Committee (doctors, pharmacies, utility companies, gas stations, etc.)
Responsibilities: Church Transportation
  1. Maintain records for:Driver/Vehicle Examination Report; State and Federal inspections; Church bus drivers’ CDL license expiration dates; traffic violations and accident reports.
  2. Update and submit reports, as necessary, for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the USDOT, and appropriate State and Federal audits and inspections.
  3. Update driver and Church information to required agencies and submit payment of required fees
  4. Schedule and keep all reports for drug testing
Responsibilities: Human Resources Contact
  1. Have a working knowledge of First United Methodist Church Personnel Policies as established by the Staff Parish Relations Committee
  2. Have authority and be responsible to monitor and correct staff members according to First United Methodist Church Job Description and Personnel Policy, as established by the Staff Parish Relations Committee.



Contact: Rev. Curtis Goforth

Church/Org/Business Name: First United Methodist Church of Forest City, NC

Address: 341 E. Main St. Forest City NC 28043

Phone: (828) 245-6446

Email: Click to email

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