Worship Leader- Nashville, TN (30 hours a week)


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Worship Leader

Category: Regular, Three-quarter time (30 hours)

Position Type: Exempt

Report to: Creative Director

The Village Church Vision: Helping people who feel far from God or disconnected from the church connect to Jesus and a community of Jesus followers. In worship, this means creating an atmosphere using music, prayer, and other creative elements to tear down barriers and invite those who feel far from
God or disconnected from the church to connect to Jesus and a community of Jesus followers.

The Village Church Mission: Leading ordinary people to become disciples of Jesus who make disciples who make disciples who change the world. In worship, this means using creativity to help lead those who enter our worship spaces to become disciples of Jesus who make disciples who make disciples who change the world.

We refer to disciple-making, world-changing followers of Jesus as “CG3 Disciples,” people who do these four things: Connect, Grow, Give, and Go.

Connect: CG3 Disciples CONNECT to Jesus and a community of Jesus followers through personal and corporate worship. We want to help every person in the room connect to Jesus through worship.
Grow: CG3 Disciples GROW in their trust and understanding of who Jesus is and their willingness to follow him through being part of a group or smaller community. We use our creativity to help people find connection and growth in their knowledge of who Jesus is.
Give: CG3 Disciples GIVE generously to God’s kingdom work through the ministries of the local church. We use our creativity to encourage people to give to the mission of Jesus with their gifts and resources.
Go: CG3 Disciples GO to join in God’s Kingdom mission by reaching and serving their neighbors with the love of Jesus. We encourage people to use their creative giftings to serve those around them.
Ministry Summary
The Worship Leader will report to the Creative Director and work alongside The Village staff. The Worship
Leader will be responsible for leading the worship band/vocalists in growing together as a team and in leading the congregation in worship, and in developing and discipling new worship leaders. The Worship
Leader will be responsible to help create an atmosphere of worship in all services, in-person and online.

Ministry Responsibilities
General Worship Expectations

Work with Creative Director, Lead Pastor, and the Worship Planning Team to plan and create all worship services, including Sunday mornings, online worship services and additional services throughout the year.
Work with the Creative Team to create an atmosphere of worship that engages the congregation in multiple ways and paves a path for them to participate in a time of spiritual reflection and worship.
Work with the Creative Director to determine worship and staffing needs of all events.
Schedules contractors/volunteer musicians to properly staff all events where worship is needed.
Preps and prepares all music prior to events so that events can begin on time and run smoothly.
Creates weekly ProPresenter slide deck for worship, working with the Creative Team to make sure there is continuity across the board with design, announcements, etc.
Schedules & trains ProPresenter team for all worship services, working with the Creative Director on Sunday morning to assure everything runs smoothly.
Works with AVL Lead to make sure all tech needs are in place and in proper working order for each event.
Stays up to date in knowledge and awareness of new worship music and incorporates it into our
Sunday morning worship services.
Creates a Village standard for worship services, working with other musicians and leaders to ensure a high level of excellence.
Works with Creative Team to plan and record online worship music videos on a regular basis so that the online music doesn’t become stale.
Continually evaluates the experience attenders receive and creatively works to improve and innovate, working with staff, AVL team & contractors to create top notch worship experiences.
Youth Worship Expectations

Work with Director of Youth Ministry to recruit and lead a band of youth musicians for youth events
Mentor and train students in all aspects of leading worship, musicianship, public praying, stage presence, etc., setting them up to be able to be worship leaders themselves
Work with Director of Youth Ministry to plan flow of youth worship services, preparing music, etc.
Schedule musicians as needed to create a worshipful experience for the students
Work with the AVL Lead to make sure that all AVL needs are in place for youth worship services
Team Leadership

Leads the team in fostering and growing a heart for worship. A desire to connect with God at a deep level through worship, and a desire to teach and lead the congregation in the act of worship as well.
Plan and hold regular worship team meetings/gatherings with the intention to build comradery, friendship, and accountability. A mix of celebration, fun, family, prayer, Bible study, and small group worship.
Actively looks for leaders among the team and the church; encouraging, challenging, teaching, and empowering them to step into a worship leading role.
Trains worship teams to understand and implement Village worship standards.
Develops volunteer leaders.

Passionate leader with a love for God and a heart for people
Understand spiritual components of worship leadership
Ability in wide range of musical styles including current and timeless songs (upbeat, ballads, & hymns)
Creative thinker with strong leadership and organizational skills
Ability to recruit, train, delegate, appreciate, and retain volunteers
Patience working with musicians who might be less experienced musically
Understanding basic finance and budgeting processes
Effective written and verbal communication skills
Adaptable and flexible in a changing work environment while approaching tasks and duties with a positive attitude
Personable and calm under pressure
Able to work with a wide range of people and personalities
Self-starter who takes initiative with resolving technical issues during a service or performance
Enjoys a team environment and is service-oriented
Skills and Equipment Knowledge

Able to setup, run, and maintain equipment used during worship services (i.e., mics, amplifiers)
Proficient with ProPresenter and Planning Center software
Proficient with basic AV hardware (sound, mix, video)
Proficient on MAC computer systems
Competent in Microsoft Office software and other web-based technology with ability to learn computer programs quickly and use them proficiently
Strong working knowledge of general AV equipment (Projectors, laptop AV connectivity, PA systems)
Able and willing to adapt to new technologies and expand skill set for cross-training on other production department tasks, software, and equipment as directed by supervisor
Education and Experience Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in music-related field required
Three (3) – five (5) years of worship and praise band leadership experience required
Experience with playing a lead instrument & singing in a lead position
Work Environment
The employee will be in a professional office environment as well as a large sanctuary and other church gathering spaces which may have loud noise levels at times. This position routinely uses various musical, production, electronic, and other AVL equipment as well as standard office equipment.

Physical Demands
Must be able to sit and remain attentive for long periods of time during services and events. Position is required to see, talk, hear, stand, walk, sit reach, stoop, bend, reach, squat, and crawl. Be able to lift and move items up to 50 pounds, as needed.

Supervisory Responsibility
While this position does not have direct staff reports, it does recruit, train, and supervise volunteers in worship leading tasks.

Expected Hours of Work
Days and hours of work are Sunday – Thursday, 30 hours per week (mostly daytime). Occasional evening and weekend work required. Worship services, Monday afternoon staff meetings and other scheduled ministry area meetings are required work hours. Remaining hours are flexible during the week.

Travel is primarily local during the business day, although some out-of-the area and overnight travel may be expected.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by individuals assigned to this position. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties,

responsibilities, and skills required of personnel so classified.

The Top 10: Staff and Leader Values
The following statements define who we are as a team and as leaders at The Village. We are unapologetic that this is what we’re about and that this is what it takes to be a member of our team.

1. We passionately pursue Jesus. (Follow Jesus First)
It all starts and ends with our commitment to follow Jesus. As individuals, we are intentionally pursuing growth in our trust in Jesus and our willingness to follow him and to invite people to join us in following him. As a church, we keep
Jesus at the center and we try our best to figure out what it means to follow him together.

2. We relentlessly reach new people. (It’s Not for Us)
We are here as a church and as individuals to connect disconnected people to Jesus and to a community of Jesus followers. Our collective heart beats for disconnected, broken, lonely, hurting people. We prioritize reaching the people who aren’t here yet.

3. We expect God to show up. (Expect the Unexpected)
We believe in a God who still works, acts, moves, and speaks. We are wide open and expectant for God to do that again and again and again. If we’re able to do in on our own, we’re probably not dreaming a God-sized dream.

4. We are sold out for the mission over our own ministry. (Mission Over Ministry)
We believe in and are all in on the mission of the church and the ministry of the whole over and above any of our own preferences or ministries. A win for the church is a win for everybody.

5. We bring our very best to the table. (Bring Your Best)
We believe that God deserves the best of our effort, our creativity, and our imagination, so we are determined in bringing the very best of ourselves to the table. We also expect the best from each other, trusting in each other to bring our best.

6. We work together to get “the stuff” done. (Sweep the Floor)
We are a team and we operate in teams. We do what needs to be done together, we hustle, we help each other, we understand that no task is below our pay grade, we roll up our sleeves together, we grab a broom and sweep the floor if that’s what’s needed, and we don’t stop until “the stuff” is done for everyone.

7. We constantly make it better. (Make It Better)
We are teachable. We are continual learners and growers and innovators and improvers. We look first in the mirror to find ways to make our ministries more effective, we ask for feedback, we graciously offer feedback to each other, and we gracefully receive it when it’s given, always looking for ways to learn and grow.

8. We are flexible and we adapt quickly. (Expect the Flex)
We know that it’s the flexible who can never get bent out of shape. We accept that the nature of this work is that it’s always in flux. We are willing and able to adapt and improvise and be flexible in the moment. We invite the Holy Spirit to do things in our lives and our ministries that we couldn’t predict or plan.

9. We risk big and we fail forward. (Fail Forward)
We recognize that there is no such thing as “missional complacency” in God’s church. (We’ve looked for it all over the
New Testament, and we can’t find it anywhere.) If we’re not failing, we’re not trying hard enough. We would rather risk and fail and learn from our mistakes than stay safe and become content and slowly decline and die.

10. We don’t do anything ourselves that we can empower someone to do with us. (Replace Yourself)
We are disciples who make disciples who make disciples. This means we freely give away leadership and ownership any other ship we can think to give away. We recognize that in the end, we are all interim staff members and it’s our responsibility to raise people up to come behind us.

P.S. We love and laugh hard. In all of this, we enjoy life, care for one another, have fun together, and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

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