Administrative Assistant


Job Description for Administrative Assistant

Hill’s Chapel United Methodist Church

This position is designed to provide significant supportive leadership for Hill’s Chapel Church primarily through the performance of clerical and administrative activities so that the church will function smoothly.

Responsibilities of Hill’s Chapel Church

  1. Employ a qualified person to fulfill the responsibilities of Administrative Assistant.

  2. Paid time off is allotted per calendar year, for full years service. For less than one year of service, no paid time off the first 6 months, thereafter, paid days will be granted at a rate of one day for every two full months service until the new calendar year. Five days off will be granted after completing one year. Ten days off after 2 to 4 years. 15 days off after 5 years or more. Allselected at the discretion of the Administrative Assistant and subject to prior approval of the pastor.

  3.  Seven days sick time–additional days will be approved by the Pastor or SPRCCommittee.4.Paid time off is not an accrued benefit, therefore it does not carry over into the following year.

  4. Provide for paid holidays. They include: New Years Day, Easter Monday, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Wednesday and Thursday), Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the 23rd or 26th of December, Memorial Day, Martin Luther King’s Birthday and Administrative Assistant’s birthday.

  5. Provide proper adequate office equipment, including computer, fax, and copy machine to enable the Administrative Assistant to perform his/her duties.

  6. The Staff-Parish Committee will review the compensation and performance of the assigned duties of the Administrative Assistant annually.

  7. Provide training, as needed, and educational opportunities for growth in the position.

Job Requirements

  • Office skills, including but not limited to, answering the telephone, typing, photocopying, faxing, etc.

  • Computer skills, including but not limited to, word processing and publishing. Experience with newsletter creation and publication.

Responsibilities of theAdministrative Assistant

  1. It is expected that the Administrative Asst. will be in the church office during the discussed 10 hours and present a professional, positive, friendly, and Christian image in greeting and welcoming people both in person and over the telephone.

  2. Work with the pastor and other church staff in preparing any items necessary for Sunday morning worship. This includes ordering communion supplies, ensuring an adequate number of prayer cards and giving envelopes are available, and other items needed for Sunday morning worship.

  3. Coordinate Sunday morning announcements and prepare calendar for ProPresenter.

  4. Coordinate, prepare, and distribute the monthly newsletter no later than the 25th of each month. The Admin. Asst. is encouraged to work with the pastor and nominating committee in finding suitable volunteers to assist with the newsletter.

  5. Develop and maintain a database for the entire membership.

  6. Prepare and publish, as needed, a membership directory.

  7. Help to compile materials for annual Charge Conference (reports, membership figures, etc.) and type church officer forms which the pastor submits to the District Superintendent.

  8. Maintain a filing system in the church office for correspondence, church conference records, financial statements, minutes from all meetings, bulletins, newsletters, etc.

  9. Type, collate, and prepare for mailing all correspondence needed to carry out the ministry of the church.

  10. Keep the church calendar for all activities, building use, and vehicle use in the church office.

  11. Purchase the necessary supplies to conduct the business of the church office.

  12. Work cooperatively with the church staff, church officers, volunteers, and all church members in the day to day administration of the church.

  13. Report any needs, problems, or concerns to the pastor or to the chairperson of the staff-parish committee and/or trustees.

  14. Perform any other office-related tasks, as needed.

  15. Maintain confidentiality of all information received in the church office. Answer phones and e-mails sent to the church

  16. Send bi-weekly e-mails using Constant Contact.

  17. Collect and distribute mail

  18. Change digital sign at least once/month; ensure the information displayed is current

  19. Make sure collateral is up-to-date and available in all buildings

Probationary Period

All new employees are hired for a period of ninety (90) days, following which their job performance will be reviewed. At this review, either party may terminate the employment relationship.


The employee is expected to give at least two weeks advance written notice prior to termination.



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