Business Manager Providence UMC


• Be a committed follower of Jesus Christ
• Commitment to and readiness to share in fulfilling the vision and mission of Providence UMC.
• Able to support the church’s strategic plan at all levels.
• Consistently interact with staff, congregants, and the public with warmth and hospitality.
• Able and willing to work with a servant attitude in a cooperative, team spirit.
• Ability to maintain confidentiality.
• Demonstrate a sense of calling from God
• Strong written and oral communication skills
• A bachelor’s degree and/or five or more years of senior management experience
• Transparent and high integrity leadership
• Knowledge and proficiency in the functions of finance, administration, information technology, and risk management
• Strong organizational abilities including planning, delegating, program development, conflict management and task facilitation
• Demonstrated ability to oversee and collaborate with staff
• Skills to collaborate with and motivate members, staff and other volunteers

Primary Responsibilities:
• Overall strategic and operational responsibility for finance, facilities, campus development, risk management, information technology, human resources, and office management.
• Responsible for leading Providence United Methodist Church in a manner that supports and guides the organization’s mission, vision, core values, purposes and goals.
• Responsible for communicating effectively with the Church Council and related committees and providing, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the Church Council and related committees to function properly and to make informed decisions.
• Responsible for the fiscal integrity of Providence United Methodist Church, to include submission to the Finance Chair of a proposed annual budget and monthly financial statements, which accurately reflect the financial condition of the organization. (working in conjunction with the finance chair)
• Responsible for the fiscal management that generally anticipates operating within the approved budget, ensures maximum resource utilization, and maintenance of the organization in a positive financial position. (working in conjunction with the finance chair)
• Responsible for effective administration of Providence United Methodist Church operations
• Continue professional growth in a leadership role of finance, audit, maintenance, facilities, information technologies, database, and office management.
• Directly supervises the Financial Associate, Facility Manager and Administrative Staff
• Responsible for all aspects of the Membership database and process
• Assist with year-end Conference statistical reports
• Assist with all reports related to annual Charge Conference
• Maintain the Leadership Roster for all committees of the church
• Provide support for the following committees: SPRC, Lay Leadership, Church Council, Strategic Plan, Leadership Development, Finance, Endowment, Stewardship, Missions Council, and Trustees
• Responsible for overseeing the telephone system, and assisting with administrative contracts for the church
• Coordinate and oversee all church mailings
• Assist the Financial Associate with all aspects of payroll processing
• Accounts payable, quarterly contribution statements, weekly contributions processing, and other financial duties as needed by the church
• Attend Staff meetings and other meetings as required
• Provide support to Senior Pastor (as needed)
• Handle external facility agreements
• Evaluate/Process Real Property donations
• Other duties as assigned by SPRC, the pastoral staff, or supervisor.
• Monitor Bank Account for fraudulent activity
• Handle Onboarding
• Maintain Policy Documents

• The performance of each employee shall be appraised annually in writing or more frequently as deemed necessary.
• The performance evaluation is intended as a means of measuring and enhancing individual performance, fostering development and career growth, determining merit increases, and meeting requirements for documenting individual performance.

Contact: Sue Gorman

Church/Org/Business Name: Providence UMC

Address: 2810 Providence Rd Charlotte NC 28211

Phone: 704-488-3825

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