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Skyland United Methodist Church
Position Description
July 28, 2021
Position Title:  Contemporary Worship Leader
Summary: The Contemporary Worship Leader will plan and lead the Contemporary Worship service.  Reports to the Senior Pastor (with coordination of activities with the Director of Music), leads the contemporary band or musicians.  Oversees and directs music for the contemporary worship service to ensure that the contemporary music program supports the overall ministry of the church, including coordinating the worship band, music selection, and the technical aspects of the contemporary worship service.
It is expected this assignment will be about 10 hours per week. Sunday morning availability will be required.

  1. Plans and directs the contemporary worship services, coordinating weekly contemporary music presentations with the Senior Pastor and Director of Music to ensure that music selections are consistent with sermon content and church calendar. 
  2. Leads musicians or worship band and determines music presentation for regular and special music venues.
  3. Selects music, conducts rehearsals, creates media presentations in advance to support weekly contemporary services, and manages the sound system and other technical aspects to ensure effective worship service presentations.
  4. Recruits musicians and sound system volunteers, as needed, to participate in contemporary worship programs, and provides necessary training and guidance for them.
  5. Evaluates congregation participation in the contemporary service and tailors music and music presentation to encourage optimum congregation participation, encouraging participation by teaching songs to ensure appropriate involvement, as necessary.
  6. Stays up to date with what is being offered in contemporary Christian worship music.
  7. Attempts to select music that matches the style and individual abilities of our members and the worship band, as a whole.
  8. Ensures that music and programs are timely announced in the church newsletter, engages in appropriate self-improvement training/activities.
The incumbent in this position will reflect the following four components of Skyland United Methodist Church’s mission which is:  to lead people into a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ, to love God with passion, to grow together in community, and to serve the world with love.
Preferred Qualifications:
  1. Documented schooling or equivalent experience in music and music concepts in area of responsibility.
  2. Demonstrated previous experience consistent with the responsibilities of the job.
  3. Committed Christian who sets a Christian example in the performance of assigned duties.
Reporting Relationships:
  1. The incumbent reports to the senior pastor who supervises the scope of duties described herein and who provides ongoing counsel relative to job performance with input from the director of music.
  2. The incumbent is employed by Skyland United Methodist Church and is ultimately responsible to the staff-parish committee relative to job performance and related matters.
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