Organist Job Opening - Macedonia Moravian Church


Organist / Pianist – Macedonia Moravian Church
700 NC Hwy 801 North, Advance, NC  27006 –

  • Organ training required. Must be able to sight read and interpret music.
  • Required to play hymns and Liturgical music each Sunday during the 11 am service (using the Moravian Book of Worship) on Allen organ.
  • Accompany the choir and rehearse with them on Thursday evenings (or other times as specified by minister and music director) and before Sunday service.
  • Organist must prepare sufficiently each week for optimum performance on organ during services.
  • Be available for weddings, funerals, Christmas Eve Lovefeasts (2 – 4:30 and 7 pm), Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Easter and other special services as required by Minister and Music Director.
  • Organist must try to make arrangements ahead of time with Minister and Music Director if you are to be absent for a Sunday service or other service/event where music is required.
  • Meet with worship committee (Music Director, Minister, AV Lead and choir member), when requested, to assist in planning services.
  • Attend other meetings as required by Minister, Music Director, Church Board or other staff.
  • Choose appropriate Moravian or other Christian music to play for preludes, postludes, etc.
  • Minimum of 5-10 hours per week anticipated most weeks (which includes Sunday service and choir practice with special services, special music and other requiring additional time).  May be required to spend more time when special music, services or events are upcoming.
  • Organist will be required to accompany the choir or other vocalist(s) on piano at times for Moravian, Contemporary, Old Mountain/Bluegrass Hymns and other Christian music.
  • The organist is accountable to the Minister as head of the staff and through supervision of the Music Director
  • Salary - $10,400 annual – paid in equal monthly increments
  • Weddings and funerals normally compensated separately.
  • Vacation and Sick Days per current personnel policies

Contact: Zach Dease

Church/Org/Business Name: Macedonia Moravian Moravian Church

Address: 700 HWY 801 n Advance NC 27006

Phone: 3366829995

Email: Click to email


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