“ONLINE PASTOR” Intern Job Description 

We are one church loving, growing, and serving together currently in two Greensboro communities, NC.  During the COVID-19 Pandemic, our online presence began to take shape and is now evolving into a third unique campus community.  

Prior to the pandemic, Christ Church had approximately 1600 people active in the life of the church with a weekly in-person worship attendance of 800+ in our seven worship services. During the Pandemic, the church has met exclusively on-line until Easter Sunday, 2021. Our desire is to capitalize on the large group we have meeting online to expand the worship options and experiences in a post-pandemic, technologically friendly world. As a result, we are working to create a new position which will begin as a hybrid pastor and technology specialist. 

This new position will begin as a summer internship allowing space for role growth and definition while we learn how this role fits into the larger strategic plan for the congregation. The intern will work regularly with the staff Worship Planning team, Pastors and staff leadership team to set and accomplish our goals for this learning experience. The Intern will also engage regularly with the whole congregation through in-person and online worship experiences and meetings. 

The right candidate for this 20 hour per week, paid internship, will possess the following qualifications:

  • Be on track for a ministry position (preferably ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church). Class(es) in worship and / or discipleship is a plus.

  • Technologically proficient - specifically with Social Media and online meeting platforms.  Live-Streaming technology experience is also desired.

  • Be a team player who is highly motivated and a creative risk-taker.

  • Must be self-disciplined and accountable for meeting deadlines and goals.

  • Adept at public speaking in front of a large audience; small group leadership; as well as, comfortable with written communications.

  • Able to work both remotely and in-person at the Greensboro campus.

  • Able to recruit, manage and communicate with volunteers to build this new ministry area. 

  • Experience with audio/visual production and sound systems is a plus. 

The Online Campus Pastor Intern will report to the Senior Pastor of the church. The position can begin as early as June 1 through August and has the potential to extend through the end of the fall semester.  The intern will help to shape the job role as follows.

1) Develop Worship for Online

Work alongside worship, production and stage teams in preparing the weekly worship services to make sure they effectively connect with people worshipping online. (For example, Do the announcements work for people outside of your physical locations? Does the application of the message need adjusting for people watching from an online environment?) 

2) Drive Online Discipleship

The online pastor would develop an online discipleship pathway and through relationships lead online worshipers to grow in their faith. (For example, develop an online, on-going small group ministry and other discipleship opportunities.)

3) Champion Online Locations

The online pastor will disciple, train and empower small group leaders to start small group opportunities such as Watch Parties, Microsites, House Churches. 

4) Liaison to other Campus Pastors and Staff Leadership

Serve as a liaison to the other pastors of the church to maintain a cohesive congregation and to help the full congregation understand the value and impact of the online campus. 

5) Research & Development
Continue to research changes, methodologies, and trends in online ministries.  Present the research to pastors and church leadership and aid in the development of strategies based on this research. 

Inquiries & Interest:

To apply for this Summer, 2021 Internship Position submit a resume and cover letter detailing your interest, qualifications, and experience to Rev. Virginia Reynolds at vreynolds@Christgreensboro.org

Contact: Rev. Virginia Reynolds

Church/Org/Business Name: Christ United Methodist Church Greensboro, NC

Address: 410 N. Holden Rd. Greensboro 27410

Phone: 3362991571

Email: Click to email