General Secretary for the General Commission on United Methodist Men


Due to the retirement of our General Secretary, the General Commission on United Methodist Men is seeking a qualified individual to serve as its General Secretary.  This person will serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Commission on United Methodist Men, exercising general administrative oversight over the activities and policies of the Commission.  This person is accountable to the Commission for the planning, coordination, interpretation and implementation of goals and objectives to support the mission of the General Commission on United Methodist Men and the directives of General Conference.
The duties and responsibilities include:

  1. Chief Executive Officer of the General Commission on United Methodist Men
  2. Support the general meetings and the committee functions of the Commission
  3. Serve as a spokesperson of the General Commission on United Methodist Men in general church meetings as well as interagency, interdenominational and ecumenical bodies
  4. Design and implement a comprehensive plan and program to raise resources required to support the work of the Commission
  5. Oversee financial stability of General Commission on United Methodist Men
Qualifications for the position are as follows:
  1. Member of The United Methodist Church for at least four years
  2. Knowledge and experience in United Methodist Men, the structure and administration of The United Methodist Church, and an understanding of the evolving needs of men, and scouting ministries, inside and outside the church
  3. A demonstrated understanding of the Wesleyan heritage and the theological foundations of the message, mission and the activities of The United Methodist Church
  4. Education
Minimum required:  Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution
Desired:  Master’s Degree or equivalent work experience related to the position
Demonstrated training/continuing education in:
                Theology/mission/structure and polity of the church
                Leadership and development of programs/missions
  1. Ability to speak and write with clarity
    1. Experience and demonstrated ability to lead workshops, training programs, worship services and meetings
    2. Demonstrated ability to solve problems and work collaboratively with staff, peers and leaders of national, jurisdictional, conference, district and local United Methodist Men’s groups, and affiliate organizations
    3. Working knowledge of current communication technology, such as computers, computer networks (social networking), Internet, and e-mail.
    4. Ability to maintain quality in written correspondence, publications and resource materials
  2. Ability to lead, motivate, and coordinate groups of staff, volunteers and board members to meet the goals of the organization.
  3. Experience organizing and supervising staff to meet multiple concurrent goals.
  4. Experience with fund-raising and fund-raising methodologies
  5. Ability and willingness to participate in extensive travel.
Application and job descriptions are available through the General Commission on United Methodist Men, c/o Martha Davis, 1000 17th Ave S, Nashville, TN  37212 (615) 620-7266 or on the GCUMM website:
Completed applications and materials must be postmarked by Monday, July 1, 2021

Contact: Martha Davis

Address: 1000 17th Ave S Nashville TN 37212

Phone: (615) 620-7266

Email: Click to email