Office Assistant


Job Title: Office Assistant Rev.  
Job Description
Job Purpose:
To fulfill the day to day affairs of the church which requires ongoing attention and to perform general office work thus relieving the ministerial staff of clerical duties.  The secretary is on the frontline and is often the first person the public sees or talks to.  In that sense, the secretary becomes pastor, church and denomination to visitors or callers.  Because of the nature of this position, this person must demonstrate a high level of trust and the ability to protect the reputation and integrity of others through strict confidentiality.
  • Compose all correspondence when requested and insure all correspondence are mailed or emailed in a timely matter.
  • Maintain church records for memorial gifts, acknowledgements, prayer request, membership, baptism.
  • Scheduling and communicating of church events with membership, church staff, and program ministers.
  • Maintain office equipment such as copiers, adding machines, and computers.
  • Clerical duties including handing incoming calls, mail, office traffic, updating membership directory and church email listing, bi-weekly newsletter.
  • Administration essentials control for all keys, hospital notices, office supplies and inventory.
  • Preparation of Annual Reports and the maintenance of church official membership records, as well as Charge Conference reports.
  • Support for congregational / guest needs.
  • Support for church pastor, ministries, council, and committees.
  • Backup coverage for other non-ministerial staff positions.
  • Attend professional development to obtain or update skills relating to technology integration
  • Have a caring attitude, excellent people and communication skills, and high integrity.
  • Be accessible, responsive, and flexible to handle the changing needs of the church.
  • Have clerical, communications, computer, as well as office organized skills.
  • Have effective verbal, writing, editorial, and publishing skills.
  • Have knowledge of UMC and be able to coordinate the unique schedules.
  • Computer and technical skills to meet the needs of current church technology integration.
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