Job Title: Pianist/Organist
The Pianist/Organist accepts the responsibility to work with the Pastor, staff, and families to provide a creative and wholesome worship environment in which all members and visitors may learn of God’s love, grace and glory.
While a degree in music is not required;   a minimum of two years of verifiable experience leading a worship service is preferred.
The Pianist/Organist will be paid on a monthly basis.  In addition to the responsibilities of the Traditional Worship Service, part of the contracted time will be spent in planning, continuing education opportunities, and involvement in other church activities with the goal of strengthening the overall worship ministry of the church.  Four days of “Personal Time Off” (PTO) may be taken during the less demanding times of the church calendar. This may be broken up between practices and services, but not to exceed two Sunday Services. Unless sick, two week prior notice is to be provided to the Pastor and the Pastor Parrish Committee.  Since this is a salaried position, it is understood that the Pianist/Organist is being paid to fulfill the responsibilities listed below.

  • Relate to others on a personal and professional level
  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing
  • Demonstrate a sensitivity to individual and congregational needs
  •  Assist the Pastor and Choir Director in the Traditional Worship Service
  • Attend all staff meetings with the Pastor and other staff members to plan and coordinate regular and special events
  • Plan and support the weekly scheduled practice session in a prompt manner to learn and refine musical selections used for Sunday services or special performances
  • Assist in the rehearsal of a full Christmas Cantata for the chancel choir to perform each year
  • Practice with those who want to sing various solos, duets, quartets, etc. for Sunday services or special events
  • Participate in weddings and funerals on a discretionary basis or as schedule allows
  • Prepare adequately in advance with choir director so that time will be used effectively during practice, presentations, and programs
  • Provide 15 to 20 minute prep time with choir before all services (not to include organ setup)
Growth and Professional Development:
  • Continue professional growth and development through seminars, conferences, and workshops especially those offered by the district
  • Seek opportunities to promote/expose PSUMC in the community
  • The Pianist/Organist reports on a regular basis to the pastor and the PPR Committee
  • He/She is responsible for maintain the goals, philosophies, and policies as established by PSUMC
  • He/She is responsible for reporting all concerns to the Pastor/PPR Committee
  • The PPR Committee will evaluate performance and determine status in an annual review in keeping with the emerging needs of the church
  • Failure to comply with the stipulations in the contract and job description may result in termination of services 

Contact: Kelly Patterson

Church/Org/Business Name: Park Street United Methodist Church, Belmont NC

Address: 120 Park Street Belmont NC 28012

Phone: 704-825-8480

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