Director of Christian Discipleship



Hickory Grove United Methodist Church  located in Charlotte, N.C. is seeking a Director of Discipleship.  

Position: Full-time. Keep church office informed as to how/where the Director can be contacted. Be on site 30 minutes before and during Sunday school and Children’s Worship. Be on site 30 minutes before and during UMYF. Notify the Pastor prior to all absences and provide a suitable substitute in the case of anticipated absence.

Check in with the church office regularly for messages, mail, etc. Attend Sunday Worship services weekly as well as special Services with the exception of planned time off approved by the Pastor

Reports to Sr. Pastor of HGUMC and will be reviewed annually by the pastor.



The Director of Christian Discipleship has responsibility for working with pastors, ministers, leaders, and congregation to implement, evaluate, and grow ministries which enable members to grow as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. The director is to be guided by the "Mission Statement" of the United Methodist Church. This position partners with the Pastors, staff and laity to carry out HGUMC’s vision – to become Disciples of Christ by loving God, growing in Christ and reaching out to others.



Provide ministries to help children, youth and young adults:

    • Grow in faith in Jesus Christ
    • Build Christian relationships
    • Equip them to share the love of Jesus with others



Subject to review and adjustment in conjunction with the Pastor and the PPRC, the following constitute the major responsibilities of the Director of Christian Discipleship.

Director of Discipleship responsibilities for Children (Birth through 5th Grade) and Youth (Middle and Senior High) Programs, College/Young Adults and Adults

All the above:

    • Coordinate the recruitment, support and training of teachers, helpers, and substitute teachers for Children, Youth Sunday School and Young Adults
    • Plan, select and order curriculum for Sunday school, UMYF, and other ministries that will help members grow into faithful disciples of Jesus. Manage disbursement of budgeted funds for curriculum and supplies within the guidelines of the approved budget.
    • Work with the Program Council to develop and implement seasonal children events, i.e. Easter Egg Hunt and Fall Festival, etc.
    • Oversee nursery volunteers and substitutes for Sundays, and special events as needed. Create a monthly schedule that is distributed to all on a timely basis.
    • At the Director’s discretion, volunteers can be replaced if the volunteer is not representing the church in a positive light (i.e. not responsible, lack of commitment to their position, failure to follow direction of the Director, not representing Methodist Theology and Doctrine).
    • Develop and implement a Children (Adults) and a Youth Council (Youth and Adults) creating a volunteer base to help lead and support the programs,


Children’s Ministry:

    • Give primary direction and leadership to the Vacation Bible School. This includes planning, selecting and ordering curriculum, recruiting volunteers, promoting and publicizing and organizing all aspects of a one week VBS each year.
    • Develop, coordinate and oversee Children’s Worship, currently known as Mini-church Worship. Identify and choose Coordinators who along with the help of Director will recruit volunteers to lead Sunday Worship, will manage the weekly worship. This includes distributing curriculum on a timely basis and gathering materials needed to support children’s worship each Sunday.
    • Develop, plan, and implement Confirmation program with the pastor, coordinating adult assistants, keeping track of attendance and teaching in the leader’s absence. Also planning and coordinating Confirmation Sunday with Pastor and any special activities in conjunction with this event.
    • Purchase Bibles for third graders and Confirmation class to present at the appropriate time.
    • Coordinate all special presentations, programs and activities of the Sunday school, e.g. Confirmation, Bible Sunday and any other special occasions.
    • With the assistance of Children’s Council, develop a UMCF (United Methodist Children’s Fellowship) program to engage children in a ministry that builds Christian relationships and unites all children through social activities and service projects.


Youth Ministry:

    • Coordinate all special presentations, programs and activities of Graduation, Youth Sunday and other special occasions
    • Purchase Bibles or appropriate gift for graduating seniors (Graduation Sunday)
    • Identify and train adult volunteers in leading UMYF, while overseeing weekly sessions.
    • Plan and implement special events of the youth group. (Retreats, Mission Trips, etc.) as determined by the Youth Council
    • Plan and implement Fund Raising events to help with expenses of Retreats and Missions trips in coordination with Youth Council.
    • Actively engage in developing Christian relationships with our Youth, attending extracurricular activities of Youth when possible (sports activities, school programs, etc.)
    • Promote and recognize Youth milestones and achievements through the churches communication tools (bulletin, website, Grove Echoes, etc.)


College/Young Adults:

1. Coordinate all special presentations, programs and activities of Graduation, Youth Sunday and other special occasions

2. Purchase Bibles or appropriate gift for graduating College students (Graduation Sunday)




General Responsibilities

    • Direct, supervise through coordination of volunteers and manage the education ministry of the church whereby children and youth are introduced to Jesus Christ and nurtured as disciples to follow Christ and love their neighbors.
    • Encourage the formation of a community that communicates to children, youth and adults they are valued, provides them with instruction from God’s word, nurtures them to love, models our faith and encourages their participation in the church.
    • Participation in continuing education is expected (i.e. UMC Charlotte Youth Workers)
    • Attend weekly staff meeting
    • Report and participate in the bi-monthly to the Program Council and may be an ex officio member on the Administrative Counsel.
    • Meet with the Pastor as needed at a time mutually agreed upon.
    • Publicize the Children’s and Youth educational programs through the worship bulletin, newsletter, all bulletin boards, etc. Communicate as needed with parents/guardians through email.
    • Maintain administrative records
    • Present forms for field trips or outings outside the church facility
    • Financial records--collect and submit expense vouchers to the church office—
    • Maintain files on activity and curriculum expenses as well as files on retreats, trips, fund-raisers, and program activities for use in future planning (to include attendance, cost and adult volunteers)
    • Periodically review curriculum with appropriate Councils.

9. Communicate regularly with the administrative assistant who keeps the church calendar concerning dates and times for ministries. Email all newsletter items and bulletin announcements by monthly & weekly deadlines.

10. Refer prospective families for membership and unusual circumstances where follow-up is desirable to the Pastor.

11. Seeking outside training programs, adhere to and be in compliance with the Safe Sanctuary policy in training volunteers, maintaining records and promoting best safety practices for children and adults.

12. Assist the ministers with the assimilation of new church families into the Children’s, Youth, College/Young Adult programs in regards to Family Ministry

13. Set annual goals with Senior Pastor for periodic review and evaluation. Participate in annual review with the Senior Pastor and SPRC liaison.

Working Conditions

The position of Director of Christian Discipleship requires great flexibility in hours available for work, including evenings and weekends. While the position is considered a full-time position, the number of hours required are those needed to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.

    • Develop and implement a program to keep in touch with college students.
    • Assist in developing small group Bible study/small group ministry programs for all ages.
    • Develop Young Adult ministry; i.e. small group, retreats, etc.
    • Develop Family Ministry activities, evaluate needs for single parent ministries etc.


Contact: Rick D. Lail

Church/Org/Business Name: 6401 Pence Road

Address: Charlotte NC

Phone: (704)-347-0306

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