Administrative Assistant (Full-Time)


First United Methodist Church - North Wilkesboro is accepting applications for the position of Administrative Assistant. The position is full-time with an average of 30-35 hours each week.  Pay range $28,000 - 30,000, commensurate with experience. Deadline to accept applications is: August 20, 2018.

Position Title: Administrative Assistant
Overall Job Description:To support the mission and vision of First United Methodist Church, North Wilkesboro by directing and managing the administrative operations of the church, including the coordination of business and accounting functions of the church office, the coordination all church information for the church bulletin, managing the church facilities and scheduling of events, and as other functions as directed by the Senior Pastor. 
The Administrative Assistant shall also collaborate with the Senior Pastor and staff of the church to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with all people, including those outside the membership of the church of our community, regardless of social and economic status, and to assist the staff in assimilating new members into the ministry and mission of the church.
Reports To:Senior Pastor
Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversee and coordinate with outside contractors regarding certain financial and business responsibilities
  • Oversee and coordinate with all parties regarding the weekly church bulletin and monthly newsletter, making sure that both are completed with all pertinent information in a timely manner
  • Oversee and manage church grounds, facilities, and equipment including the scheduling of events, coordinating room assignments, overseeing maintenance of building and grounds and all church equipment 
  • To provide secretarial services to the Senior Pastor, staff and church leaders
  • To maintain proper records and reports as directed by Senior Pastor and Church leadership
  • To operate the Church Phone Tree
  • To perform other tasks as directed by the Senior Pastor
  • Maintain confidentiality of personal and personnel information
Required Skills and Competencies:
  • Possess a servant’s heart in their interactions with all members, guests, and contractors
  • Ability to effectively communicate and demonstrate the mission and vision of the church to all people
  • Ability to work as a valued team member of the church staff
  • Ability to multi-task and balance multiple duties and projects at one time
  • Strong organizational and planning skills
Desired Skills:
  • Ability to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in a warm and welcoming way
  • Ability to be flexible and serve the needs of the Church in a manner that is relevant and positive
  • Knowledge of Safe Sanctuary policy and procedures
Terms of Employment:
  • The position is full-time
Specific Responsibilities:
1.  Business Operations
  • Manage the business operations of the church office by working with Senior Pastor and coordinating with appropriate staff members as necessary.
  • Develop and implement a management information system, including all membership information, as well as calendar(s) for programs and service opportunities, to enhance the efficient operation of the church
  • Monitor the implementation of church policies, including the personnel policy and Safe Sanctuary policy
  • Work with the appropriate committees in planning and promoting the annual church stewardship campaign and any capital campaign, and provide necessary reports as needed
  • Oversee the administration of the Emergency Fund and to assist Emergency Fund servants as needed
2.  Facilities' Management
  • Be responsible for the buildings, grounds, and equipment/furnishings and ensure their proper care in order to create a safe and inviting environment, with attention also given to helping the church safeguard the earth's resources
  • Collaborate with building maintenance, custodial, and security personnel
  • Ensure compliance with applicable fire and safety codes and take all reasonable efforts to enhance the safety and security of the buildings and grounds
  • Assume primary oversight responsibility for repair, maintenance, and replacement of church facilities and equipment, as directed by the Trustees
  • Work with the Trustees to establish and implement an asset management plan to anticipate and prepare for capital equipment repair and/or replacement
  • Supervise the assignment of classrooms and meeting spaces with staff, committees, and outside groups
  • Assist in evaluating and obtaining appropriate insurance coverage and policies
3.  Information Technology
  • Maintain telephone, computer, and management information systems and other office equipment in good working order
  • Periodically review and evaluate appropriateness, reliability, and effectiveness of telephone, computer, and management information systems and other office equipment to ensure effective communication with members and staff
  • Facilitate any necessary staff training on telephone, computer, and management information systems and other office equipment
4.  Human Resources Oversight
  • Maintain and secure employee records and files
  • Post job openings and work with senior pastor to fill non-ministerial employee positions
  • Ensure compliance with applicable state and federal employment laws
  • Work with Staff Parish Chair to monitor, evaluate, and administer employee benefit programs
  • Orient new employees
  • Conduct and document exit interviews to safeguard church property (intellectual, electronic, and physical)
  • Assist Senior Pastor in developing an organizational chart for all employees

Contact: Dr. Tim Roberts

Church/Org/Business Name: First UMC - North Wilkesboro

Address: 401 6th Street PO Box 1145 North Wilkesboro NC 28659

Phone: 336-838-2691

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