Innovators' Information Survey
Resourcing Ministries that support and expand the work of innovation throughout WNC.

This isn’t an exhaustive list—but we’ll keep updating it over time.


Fresh Expressions —A fresh expression is a new form of church for those not connected to any church. They take shape outside of the walls of the church in places where our neighbors are already gathering. Fresh expressions in the WNC Conference are making new disciples and are passing on the traditions of our Wesleyan faith in new and creative ways. Fresh expressions are anchored to existing churches, connecting churches with people who would never enter the church building on a Sunday morning. They do not exist to get folks to come to our church, but rather to form church with folks in places where they are.

Innovators’ Table — As the myriad innovation ministries of the WNC continue to re-imagine how to reach people with the grace, love, and justice of the Living God, the Table is a collaborative community where leaders from several key initiatives can connect the conference’s far-reaching innovation efforts. Contact Caroline Wood for information on what the Innovators' Table is doing to imagine new forms of ministry in the WNCC.

SALT (Spiritual Academy for Leading Transformation) —To help congregations toward building a core of spiritually mature laypeople, SALT is an eight-month training program that prepares laypeople to join together with clergy and other laity to lead effective change.

Academy for Missional Wisdom —This is a two-year training program that helps to lay the groundwork for new missional communities by raising up and equipping new leaders for that purpose.

Justice and Reconciliation—This body promotes excellence and fruitfulness in congregational life and ecclesial structures that reflect full diversity, works of justice, and participation by all people in the WNC. See the website link for more information on the groups, boards, and agencies that relate to this work, and for contact information.

Transformation Network —A three-year process by which local churches develop their vision, values, purpose, and processes to align with God’s call for the congregation. Information and contact information are available at the link.

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