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Resources focused on continual improvement through agility and ability. Click here for a more detailed description.


Korn Ferry is a global organization consulting firm synchronizing strategy and talent to drive superior performance. They offer several resources on Becoming an Agile Leader, available from the Conference Resource Center. 

Will You Thrive in the New Normal?
Carey Nieuwhof created this agility quiz to help you see how pivot-ready your organization is, and whether you're most likely to thrive, survive or struggle/fail in the "new normal."
Agility Through Uncertainty

Most agile leadership constructs from the corporate world can be acquired, or reclaimed, by and for Christian leadership. The agile leader’s relationship to uncertainty is what most immediately intrigues me. Much of the leadership I observe in Christian contexts tend to hold certainty in high regard.

Doctorate of Ministry in Contextual Theology at Northern Seminary

Forming pastors to lead churches into mission, the DMin in Contextual Theology provides a theological, practical, and academic framework for pastors and congregational leaders to think critically, creatively, and faithfully about ministry in their context.  At the end of the program, students will have a renewed spirit and passion for the Church’s mission and vision. 

Culture and Leadership: The Nine Principles of Agile Leadership
Many of our readers may think that Agile Leadership is just “Good Leadership” and we have just added ”Agile”. We believe that this is not the case and that Agile Leadership feels very different to, say, traditional leadership.

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