Haiti Mission Connection

Northern Haiti Mission Connection

Working with local Haitian leaders, collaborating partners place an emphasis on education, microlending, healthcare and clean water initiatives in Northern Haiti.


 The Northern Haiti Mission Connection partnership supports the work and ministry of Dr. Eugene Maklin, New Hope Hospital, medical clinics, Soaring Unlimited, Strong Tower Haiti, and the College of John Wesley.  

Ministry Partners include:
  • Partners 4 New Hope - Fundraising partnership in support of New Hope Hospital, Micro-credit lending & wells to deliver clean drinking water to the people of northern Haiti
  • Soaring Unlimited
  • Strong Tower Haiti
  • Methodist University-Fayetteville,, NC 
  • Providence United Methodist Church-Charlotte, NC 
  • Harrision United Methodist Church-Pineville, NC 
  • Canterbury United Methodist Church-Birmingham, Al 
  • First United Methodist Church-Lakeland, Florida 
  • Western North Carolina Conference UMC


Check out this video created by Regan Elizabeth Films about Dr. Eugene Maklin and New Hope Hospital: A Hospital for the Poor