Grant Requests


Proposal Process Whether you are an individual or congregation feeling called to plant a new church OR an existing congregation interested in increasing your overall vitality we invite you to use the following guidelines in submitting your proposal for consideration of funding sources.

PLEASE NOTE! Our new process requires that you complete the form below which, upon your submission, will be directed to your District Superintendent and District Vitality Team Chair. Your proposal will first be reviewed by the district. The district may decide to fund your request partially or in full. In the event that the district approves of your project, but cannot fund it entirely, it will be directed to the Conference Church Vitality Team for consideration at its next scheduled meeting.

Grant Request Form Instructions: PLEASE READ THIS FIRST!

The questions and information requested on this grant form represent the values expressed by the Conference Church Vitality Team:  understanding why your project is important in kingdom building, using MissionInsite and Readiness 360 as evaluative tools for alignment, faith sharing, prayer, team work, equipping, multiplication, strategic thinking, and faithful stewardship.

Please understand that we value these tools and practices because of their proven worth in both revitalization and church planting ministries.

Your answers to each of the questions in the proposal will be weighted in our consideration of your grant request.  There will be no personal interviews during our evaluative process so your best and complete work on this document is vital.

It is important to note that “N/A or non-applicable” is not an acceptable response to any of these questions.

Thanks for your cooperation in the important process! 

Follow Jesus. Make Disciples. Transform the World.