Fund 520, World Service Fund

This general fund provides the opportunity for each of our local churches to become a partner with the Church’s agencies to be in mission and ministry at home and around the world. This fund provides resources for specific fixed charges as follows:

  • General Council on Finance and Administration for services provided in the collection and disbursement of funds,
  • Connectional Table operations whose task it is to discern and articulate “the vision for the church and the stewardship of the mission, ministries, and resources of the United Methodist Church”
  • Interpretation resources to produce marketing materials to interpret United Methodism’s connectional funds, including “Promotion of Giving” to provide comprehensive financial stewardship tools.

In addition to these fixed costs, these funds also provide support to the general program boards and agencies to produce activities within four program areas of the denomination: leadership, church growth, ministry with the poor, and global health. These program agencies and boards include the following:

  • General Board of Church & Society
  • General Board of Discipleship
    • Native American Comprehensive Plan
    • Strengthening the Black Church
  • General Board of Global Ministries
    • Asian American Language Ministry
    • Korean Ministry Program
    • National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry
    • Pacific Island Ministry
  • General Board of Higher Education and Ministry
  • General Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Concerns
  • General Commission on Religion and Race
    • Minority Group Self Determination
  • General Commission on the Status and Role of Women
  • General Commission on United Methodist Men
  • United Methodist Communications