Fund 516, Interdenominational Cooperation Fund

This general fund provides basic support for ecumenical agencies through which the United Methodist Church participates in God’s mission in cooperation with other Christian communions. The following items are included in the budget:

  • National Councils of Churches/Regional Ecumenical Organizations in order to support the work of these councils whose membership is limited to a specific country or geographic region. Among the specific organizations currently receiving support is the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA.
  • World Councils of Churches/International Ecumenical Organizations in order to support the work of councils or organizations whose membership is not limited to a specific country or geographic region. These funds support United Methodist participation in the committee work and life of the World Council of Churches, including commitment for costs of the WCC Assembly, including travel and related expenses for Christians from developing nations.
  • Christian World Communions/Methodist Unity in order to support the work of ecumenical organizations whose members trace their origins to some part of the religious tradition started by John Wesley. This fund provides for United Methodist participation in the basic budget of the World Methodist Council, with the United Methodist Church representing the majority of the funding for the North American section and for the general administrative and program activity of the active Council.
  • Pan‐Methodist Commission for meetings with representatives of The African Methodist Episcopal Church, the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, the African Union Methodist Protestant Church, the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, and the Union American Methodist Episcopal Church regarding areas of mutual interest and cooperation
  • Ecumenical/Multilateral Conversations for those with representatives of other denominations
  • Ecumenical Representative Travel for those United Methodist representatives named by General Conference, Council of Bishops or GCCUIC, including travel to various meetings and events of these various organizations
  • Interreligious Relations to provide resources for United Methodists to engage more directly with neighbors of other faith communications, to provide information, material and support for dialogues locally and regionally.