Journal 2014

July 1, 2014

2014 Western NC Annual Conference Journal
The entire Journal is very large and has been broken into sections and converted to PDFs for easier viewing and downloading. 
Covers - 4 pages
Front and back, outside and inside covers. Inside covers 
include conference staff and agency contact information
Journal Pages 1-334 - 6.93MB (everything except the cover [see above], statistics, and index, which are posted separately. See below. Thank you.)
Table of Contents - 4 pages | Index - 2 pages
Photos - 8 pages
Bishop Goodpaster, Provisional Members, Elders, Deacons, Retirees, Missional Leadership Team
Conference Officers - 2 pages
General officers, staff, district superintendents
Conference Organization - 13 pages
Commissions, committees, boards, institutions and agencies
Directory - 79 pages
Daily Proceedings of the Annual Conference - 17 pages
Business of the Annual Conference - 28 pages
Appointments - 22 pages
Plan of Organization and Rules of Order and Procedure - 9 pages
Reports - 78 pages
Petitions to the Annual Conference - 3 pages
Historical Information - 49 pages
2013 Compensation of Clergy in Appointments to Extension MInistries 
or Beyond the Local Church
 - 1 page
Treasury Services Documents 2013 - 17 pages
Photo Collage - 3 pages
2014 General Conference; 2014 Annual Conference; 2014 Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference
Statistical Report for 2013
With 334 pages total, the entire statistical report is 11 MB. It is presented below in sections, 
which are approximately 1-7MB each, for faster opening and downloading.
  Condensed Report   Statistics Recap  
  Appalachian   Blue Ridge   Catawba Valley
  Metro   North Piedmont   Smoky Mountain
  Uwharrie   Yadkin Valley