FLOURISH #Jubilee #YesYou



FLOURISH #Jubilee #YesYou is an assessment and renewal process for clergy in the Western North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church.
The program will meet the requirement of Book of Discipline ¶349.3, "Every clergyperson will engage in a six-month process of personal and professional assessment and development every eight years…"




There are three steps to FLOURISH:
  1. REVIEW: in June of 2019, you will join 30 colleagues in a one-day orientation prior to Annual Conference at Lake Junaluska.  There will be several tools to guide you in immersing yourself in an-depth review of your ministry and life.
  2. RENEW: In August of 2019, there will be a two-day retreat to explore your review findings and to discover resources and ideas for renewal events and opportunities that fit your particular gifts, challenges, ministry settings and life stage.
  3. RE-TOOL: In March of 2020, there will be a final two-day retreat to confirm next steps in growth and ministry and to celebrate the learnings and renewal of each individual.
Additional Components:
  • Peer Teams will meet virtually or in person throughout the time to encourage, affirm, and help each other.
  • Between the meetings, participants will do the work of prayer, reflection, and discernment to celebrate where you’ve been and imagine where you will go. This might include a formational and spiritual growth leave ¶350.3.
Participants will be expected to:
  • Deeply engage
  • Participate in all three meetings
  • Reflect on ministry and life in the last eight years
  • Participate in a peer team
  • Imagine what the next eight years might look like
For some, FLOURISH #Jubilee #YesYou will be a time for significant renewal and change in their life and ministry.  For others, this process will affirm the flourishing that is already present in life and ministry, along with next steps and new growth.  Wherever you are in life and ministry, the hope is that FLOURISH #Jubilee #YesYou will be an exciting and enriching resource for you!

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