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GBGM Projects List

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A Child
Aaron Vandersommers
Abdallah E. Asumani
Abuja Church Office
Accessibility to Clean Water
Acci?n Medica Cristiana (AMC)
Adam Shaw
Adrian F. Apecena
Advancing Food Security through Organic Agriculture in Brazil
Afghanistan Undesignated
Africa Nationals in Mission
Africa University Farm Development
Africa University Scholarships
African American Methodist Heritage Center
African Rural Institute (ARI) School
Agape Center
Agape Project
Agricultural Development Program
Agricultural Missions (AMI) Rural Training & Women in Development
Agriculture and Development Center
Agriculture Program
Agriculture Project
Agua Viva Serves
Aid for the Coordination of Volunteers to Cuba
AIDS Orphanage in Thailand
AIDS Orphans Project, Maua Hospital
Alabama Rural Ministry (ARM)
Alaska Churches
Alaska Ethnic and Rural Camping and Conference Fund
Albania In Mission Together
Albania Nationals in Mission
Albert A. Wakili
Albert Willicor
Alex Awad
Alexandra Castro
Alfred Zigbuo
Algeria Nationals in Mission
Algeria Undesignated
Alick N. Mvula
Alina Saucedo
Alison Gilmore
Alleviating Food Insecurity in Southern Congo
Alleviation of Poverty
Alma J. Navarro
Alternative Rite of Passage
Alyson McCoy
Amanecer Mobile Health Clinic
Amber N. Feezor
Amigos del Valle (Friends of the Valley)
Amity Foster Care for Special Needs Orphans and Community-Based Education Project
Amity Printing Press - Bibles and Christian Literature
Amity Resource Center for Children and Youth with Mental Illness
Amity Rural Orphan Fostering Project
Amity Teachers Program
Amy Purdom
Andean Rural Healthcare Program
Andrea Reily Rocha
Andrew B. Kastner
Andrew Donaldson
Andrew Millman
Angel House Orphanage and School
Angela Ali
Angelito Dalisay
Angola East Nationals in Mission
Angola East Undesignated
Angola West Nationals in Mission
Angola West Undesignated
Animal Livestock and Beekeeping
Anna J. Gill
Anna Tillou Cottage for Mentally Challenged Women's Gardening Project
Annie C. Solis Escalante
Anti-Human Trafficking
Anti-Poverty Initiative (API)
Appalachia Hunger and Poverty
Appalachia Service Project, Inc. (ASP)
Appalachian Ministry Network
Appropations General
April M. English
Ardell Graner
Argentina Nationals in Mission
Argentina Undesignated
Armenia Development
Arnold Brown, Jr.
Asbury Scholarship and Classroom Fund
Asian Rural Institute
Assistance for Deaf Ministry Implementation in North Katanga
Assistance to Trafficked Women and Children
Augmenting Food Production and Income in Times of Siege: Urban Gardens
Austria Undesignated
Aviation Assistance Program
B. Barte
Babyfold at Old Mutare Fairfield Children's Home
Baez Camargo Seminary
Baez Camargo Seminary Scholarships
Bahamas Methodist Habitat
Balar Kalvi Nilayam School
Baldwin Center
Baldwin Lydia Training Center
Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary Scholarships
Baltic Mission Center
Bangladesh Undesignated
Banyam Theological Seminary Scholarship
Barbara C. Rogers
Basic Essentials for Africa University Students
Beatrice Gbanga
Becky Harrell
Before & After School for Children and Youth
Belgium Undesignated
Belinda Forbes
Belize Undesignated
Belmopan Methodist High School Construction
Bernice Keech
Beth Kauffman
Bethany Methodist Medical Center
Bethel Mhone
Bethlehem Bible College, Vision 20-20
Betty Tshala
Bibles and Christian Literature
Bibles for Vietnam
Birchwood Camp
Bishop Judith Craig Children Village
Blackfeet United Methodist Parish
Blessed Scholarship (Becas con Bendiciones, Inc.)
Bolivia Nationals in Mission
Bolivia Undesignated
Bolivian Pastors' Endowment Fund
Bom Jesus Clinic
Bosnia Undesignated
Botswana Undesignated
Boys Orphanage Operating Expenses, Jamaa Letu
Brad Kenn
Brazil Nationals in Mission
Brazil Undesignated
Bread for the World
Breaking the Food Poverty Cycle in Kenya
Brenda Awad
Brenda V. Nguwa
Brenda Vaca
Brian E. Vinson
Brighter Future Children Rescue Center
Brooke Atchley
Brynne L. Howard
Buckeye Clinic in South Sudan
Building Churches and Parsonages
Building the Capacity of Church and Community for Social Transformation
Bulgaria In Mission Together
Bulgaria Nationals in Mission
Bungane Secondary School and Women's Training Center
Burundi Undesignated
Bwafwano Care Project
Caitlin R. Kastner
Calcutta Girls' High School - Health Project
Calley Piland
Cambine Agriculture Program
Cambine Theological Seminary
Cambodia Methodist Bible School Scholarship Fund
Cambodia Mission Initiative
Cambodia Nationals in Mission
Cambodia Women's Livelihood projects
Cameroon Mission Initiative
Cameroon Nationals in Mission
Cameroon UMC Micro-Credit
Camp for Handicapped Children
Camp Voronezh
Camp Wesley
Campaign to Prevent Malaria
Camphor United Methodist Mission
Camping Ministry
Care and Feeding of Street Children
Care for Rural Chinese Ministers
Caretakers of God's Creation
Caribbean Nationals in Mission
Caribbean Undesignated
Carla Warnock
Carlos Ramirez
Carmen Aracelis Melendez-Collado
Carol Partridge
Carolyn Belshe Orphanage Center (CBO)
Catherine Mudim Akale
Catherine Shaw
Ceewin Louder
Celeste Caton
Center for Women Who Suffer from Violence
Central African Republic Mission Initiative
Central Asia Mission Initiative
Central Asia Undesignated
Central Congo Resource Center
Central Congo Wings of Caring
Cesar M. Duran
Chapanduka Mission School
Charissa Bredow-Shawcross
Charles I. Mulemena
Charlotte Upenyu Chitambo
Chelsea L. Williams
Chelsea Spyres
Cherokee United Methodist Ministry
Chicuque Rural Hospital
Child Action Initiative
Child Rescue Center
Child to Child Health Promotion: Haiti, Dominican Republic and USA
Children and Youth Scholarships
Children at Risk
Children of Abraham, Inc.
Children, Poverty, and Violence
Children, Youth, and Student Ministries and Camps
Children's Feeding Program
Children's Ministries
Children's Ministry Evangelism in Central Congo
Children's Sunday & Vacation Bible Schools
Chile Nationals in Mission
Chile Undesignated
Chin Cheak Yu
Chin H. Cho
China Undesignated
Christ House Medical Services
Christian Education and Curriculum Development
Christian Education and Evangelism in Haiti
Christian Education and Leadership Training Center, Dar es Salaam
Christian Education Resources and Supplies
Christian Educational Institute
Christian Love R. Daroy
Christian/Muslim Forum
Christina N. Trager
Christine Erb-Kanzleiter
Christopher T. Hamera
Church And Community Ministries
Church Buildings
Church Buildings for The Colombian Methodist Church
Church Construction and Development, Lake Zone
Church Construction in Senegal
Church Development
Church Development and Community Health in Santiago de Veraguas
Church Planting for New Mission Initiatives
Church Planting of the Countryside
Church Projects in Bolivia
Church World Service, Blankets+
Church World Service, CROP Hunger Walk
Cienaguita Ngobe Community Health Project
Cindy Moon
Circles USA
Clara Mridula Biswas
Claudette Mora
Claudia Genung
Clean Water Delivery Ministry
Clinton Indian Church and Community Center
Colombia Nationals in Mission
Colombia Undesignated
Combating Hunger and Malnutrition
Combating Hunger by Rebuilding Rural Haitian Families
Communities of Shalom
Community Developers Program
Community Garden Assistance Program Internship
Community Health & Agricultural Development (CHAD-Cambodia)
Community Healthcare Units Construction
Community Integrated AIDS Time-Initiative, Maua Methodist Hospital
Community Leadership Development for Youth
Community UMC Sun Ministries Outreach Program - Nome, AK
Community UMC Sustainable Building & Leadership Fund - Nome, AK
Community-Based Health & Development in Afghanistan
Community-Based Malaria Control Program
Community-Based Primary Health Care
Compassionate Consultation Initiative Project (CCIP) - Zimbabwe
Compatible Technology International
Comprehensive Educational and Health Program in Central District
Comprehensive Rural Health Project, Jamkhed
Conference Women's School Fund
Congo (DRC) Development
Congo Restoration
Congo, DRC (Central Congo) Undesignated
Congo, DRC (East Congo) Undesignated
Congo, DRC (North Katanga) Undesignated
Congo, DRC (South Congo) Undesignated
Congo, DRC Undesignated
Congregational Health Ministry
Connie Lynn Di Leo
Connor Kenaston
Construction of New Churches in Missionary Districts
Construction of New School Buildings
Contain Your Joy
Cookson Hills Center
Cordillera Mission District (CMD) Leaders' Capacity Building Project
Cornelia (Connie) Wieck
Costa Rica Nationals in Mission
Costa Rica Undesignated
Cote d'Ivoire Undesignated
Cote d'Ivore Nationals in Mission
Cotto, Lilian L.
Covenant Education Center: Native American Daycare
Croatia Undesignated
Cuba Undesignated
Cynthia Ceballos
Czech Republic In Mission Together
Czech Republic Nationals in Mission
Daniel Gabler
Daniel Godwin
Danny Kalangwa
Daria Z. Hofer
David Ceballos
David Johnson
David Makobo N'shikala
David Pascua
David Paye Guinkpa
Deaconess-Home Missioner Cutting Edge Ministry
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ministries
Deborah A. Rissing
Deborah Dornon
Deirdre Zimmerman
Delbert Groves
Delivering Clean Water to Kenyan Schools
Delta Grace
DEM. REP. Congo Nationals in Mission
Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees - Middle East Council of Churches
Detention Center Ministry
Devorah Anne Umipig - Julian
Diamond Pate
Didier Monga wa Shakapanga
Diengenga Clinic
Diengenga Trade School, Lodja
Dieudonne Karihano
Dieudonne Kutela Katembo
Disability Ministry
Disaster Response, International
Disaster Response, United States
Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries National, Inc. (DBOM)
Doddanahalli Rural Health Project
Domestic Hunger
Dominican Republic Nationals in Mission
Dominican Republic Undesignated
Donald Edwards
Dondo Orphanage
Dong Min Seo
Donna L. Baker
Donna Pewo
Dora Canales Nu±ez
Dorcas S. Ewoodzie
Doug E. Williams
Douglas R. Childress
Downtown Ministries, First United Methodist Church
Dwaine Morgan
E. Barte
E. Kim
Earnestine Varnado
East Angola Episcopal Area
East Congo Aviation Ministry
East Congo Church Reconstruction
Ecuador Nationals in Mission
Ecuador Undesignated
Eden J. Fletcher
Ediberto Lopez-Rodriguez
Edney Joaquim
Edward White
Edwin A. Castillo
El Porvenir: Clean Water, Healthy Nicaraguans
El Salvador Nationals in Mission
El Salvador Undesignated
El Vergel Methodist Agricultural School Construction
Electronic Communication
Elfie Grace Tangunan
Elizabeth A. McRill
Elizabeth Fink
Elizabeth Hurley
Elizabeth Nichols
Elizabeth S. Tapia
Elizabeth Soard
Ellen Hoover
Ellyn B. Dubberly
Elmira Sellu
Emilie Bowman
Emily R. Kvalheim
Emma Cantor
Emma L. Kerr-Carpenter
Emmanuel Center for Women and Children, Tarime
Emmanuel Sann, Jr.
Emmanuel Ufonna Mefor
Encounter with Christ in Latin America and the Caribbean
Engineers in Action
English-Speaking United Methodist Church in Vienna
English-Speaking United Methodist Church of Prague (ESUMC Prague)
Enhancing the Quality of Life for Mothers and Children through Healthcare
Environmental Conservation in Local Communities
Eric Soard
Erica K. Oliveira
Erin Hancock
Esther Karimi Gitobu
Estonia Nationals in Mission
Estonia Undesignated
Ethics and the Bible in a Global Context-Universidad Biblica Latinoamericana
Eun Ha Choi
Eurasia In Mission Together - Russia and Belarus
Eurasia In Mission Together - Ukraine and Moldova
Eurasia Nationals in Mission
Europe Undesignated
Evangelical Methodist Church Development Program
Evangelical Methodist Church of Nicaragua Programs
Evangelical Methodist Seminary and Scholarships
Evangelization and Church Growth
Evans N. Ndadzungira
Evelyn Banks
Evelyn Erbele
Every Member in Ministry
FaithTrust Institute
Family Development Projects
Feed My Starving Children
Feeding of Homebound Elderly and Training Caregivers
Fighting Maternal-Related Deaths within the Six Island Communities of the Volta Lake
Fiji Islands Undesignated
Fill the Ark: Heifer International
Finda Quiwa
Finland Undesignated
Florence Ogugua Mefor
Foods Resource Bank (FRB)
Four Corners Native American Ministry
Four Homes of Mercy Home for Disabled
France Nationals in Mission
Frances H. Taylor
Francine Mufuk Ilunga Mpanga
Fundaci?n Crescendo
Fuxia Wang
Gail Quigg
Ganta United Methodist Hospital
Ganta United Methodist Mission Land Protection Initiative - Phase I
Ganta United Methodist Mission Station Program Support
Gary Locklear
Gary Moon
Gaston Ntambo
Gayle Lesure
General Health and Ministry
Genilma Boehler
George Miller
George Ndjungu
George Robert Martzen
George Way Harley Regional Medical Center
Gerald Chandakabata
German Gomez
Germany Nationals in Mission
Germany Undesignated
Ghana Nationals in Mission
Ghana Undesignated
Ghana Water Projects
Gilbert Agricultural & Rural Development Center (GARD Center)
Girdwood Chapel UMC
Girls' Dormitory
Give Ye Them To Eat
Global Education: Hope for the Future
Global Health
Global Health Action
Global Health Action - Haiti Community Based Health, Rural Development & Goat Program
Global Hope
Global Justice Volunteer Program
Global Mission Undesignated
Global Refugee/Migration
Gloria Ferro
Gloria Kalokhe
Glory Ilunga Kapya Mulimba
Glorymar Rivera-Baez
God's Country Cooperative Parish
Goma Orphanage
Good Nutrition and Community Health
Good Samaritan Clinic
Good Works, Inc.
Gordon Graner
Gordon Greathouse
Grace Children's Hospital and Pediatric Clinic
Grace Hospice
Grace Killian
Grace M. Musuka
Gracie L. Besse
Greg S. Henneman
Gregory M. Bishop
Gretchen Brown
Growing the Ministries of the Evangelical Methodist Church in El Salvador (IEMES)
Guangxi Family Preservation and Education Project-China
Guatemala Nationals in Mission
Guatemala Undesignated
Guillermo Berman Ramirez
Gulfside Association, Inc.
Guyana Undesignated
Gwaten Comprehensive Secondary School
Gwendolyn Gibson
H.E.L.P. Ministries International Trust
Haiti Children Project
Haiti Education Program
Haiti Health Program
Haiti Hot Lunch Program
Haiti Response
Haiti Undesignated
Haitian Artisans for Peace International
Han Sung Kim
Hanna Song
Happy Children's Home of China
Hayley Terrell
Health and Educational Development of Children - Emmanuel-Luz de Vida Methodist Church
Health Ministry
Health Projects in Bolivia
Health Promotion in Colombia
Health Systems Strengthening (formerly Hospital Revitalization) Program
Healthcare Access and Advocacy (CHAD-Cambodia)
Healthcare Volunteers
Heart and Hand House, Inc.
Hebert Junker-Silva
Helen Byholt Lovelace
Helen De Leon Camarce
Helen Roberts-Evans
Helen Sheperd
Help for Families
Henderson Settlement
Henry n. Kibambe
Heureuse Kaj
Hezekiah Y. Samwini
Highland Support Project
Hikari K. Chang
Hilary C. Glover
Hinton Rural Life Center
Hispanic-Latino Ministry Fund - (National Plan for Hispanic and Latino Ministries)
HIV-AIDS Project in Kamina & Surrounding Villages
Hoi Lam Chai
Home Based Care Alliance in Africa
Home of Hope Orphanages
Homelessness in the United States
Honduras Mission Initiative
Honduras Nationals in Mission
Hong Duk Kim
Hope Center of Latvia
Hope for New Life
Hope For The Deaf Skills Training Program
HOPE Ministries
Hope Retreat Center
Hope Secondary School
House of Mercy Orphanage
House of Prayer for All People
House of the Carpenter
Huerto de Paz Nursing Home
Hungary In Mission Together
Hungary Nationals in Mission
Hunger and Development
Hurricanes 2012
Hye-In Lee
Hyeyun Hong Seo
Hyo-Won Park
Iling Island United Methodist Mission
Ilula Orphan Program
Imagine No Malaria
Immanuel Bible School
India Bombay Undesignated
India Gujarat Undesignated
India Hyderabad Undesignated
India Lucknow Undesignated
India Moradabad Undesignated
India Nationals in Mission
India Undesignated
Indigenous Church Construction in West Rural China
Indigenous Women's Vegetable Gardening and Leadership Project in Guatemala
Indonesia Undesignated
Ingrid's Villages, Inc(IVI)
Innocent P. Afful
In-Service Training Program for Village Preachers
Integral Ministry for Children, Ecuador
Integrated Community Development Project of the United Mission to Nepal
Integrated Community Health
International Disaster Risk Reduction
Ireland Undesignated
Irma Figueroa
Isabella Thoburn College - Master's and Post-Graduate Programs
Ishe Anes Project for Underprivileged Children
Italy Nationals in Mission
Italy Undesignated
Jackson Area Ministries
Jacques Akasa Umembudi
Jacques, K. Kambol
Jae Hyoung Choi
Jaime Vazquez
Jalingo UMC Orphanage
Jamaa Letu Girls Orphanages Operating Expenses
Jamaica Undesignated
James Keech
James Knudsen
James Perdue
James Watkins
James Williams
Jamie L. Booth
Janet Lahr Lewis
Janjay Innis
Japan Undesignated
Jean Claude Maleka
Jeanne Ntambo
Jeffrey Hoover
Jeffrey Wasilevich
Jennifer L. Henneman
Jeremiah Project
Jeremias Alfiad Franca
Jerusalem Church Renovation
Jerusalem Princess Basma Center for Disabled Children
Jerusha M. Neal
Ji-Eun "Esther" Kim
Joel Ncahoruri
John and Purnavati Rathod Endowment for Scholarships
John Calhoun
John Elmore
John Wesley Community Center
John Wesley Medical Boat
John Wesley Methodist Seminary Administration, Maintenance and Scholarships
John Wesley Primary School
John Wesley School for Persons with Disabilities
John Wesley School, El Quiche
John Yambasu
Jonathan E. Baker
Jonathan McCurley
Jonathan T. Rose,II
Jorge Alberto Rodriguez Flore
Jose Roberto Pena
Joshua D. Doan
Joy Eva Bohol
Joy-Southfield Community Health Center
Juarez Goncalves
Jubilee Project
June Hartranft Memorial Primary School for Girls
Just Neighbors Ministry
Kaaga Bio-Intensive Agricultural Training Center
Kabaka Ndala Alphonsine
Kafakumba Pastors' School and Scholarship
Kalemie Nutritional Center
Kamina Friends Enterprise Facilitation and Economic Development
Kamina Methodist University
Kamina Orphanage
Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation, Inc. (KKFI)
Karen Ujereh
Karen Vo To
Katanga Methodist University at Mulungwishi
Katanga Methodist University at Mulungwishi, Professors' Salaries
Katelyn J. Davis
Katherine Parker
Katherine Wrona
Kathleen Peterson
Kathleen Pryor
Kayla A. Flannery
Kelly A. Schaefer
Kelsey L. Gatza
Kendra Twenter
Kennedy Oafalla Cruz
Kenneth Koome Nkando
Kenya Methodist University Health Center (KEMU Health Center)
Kenya Methodist University Scholarships
Kenya Undesignated
Kharissa Allman
Khongkhor UMC
Kim Torres
Kimberly I. Bishop
Kindu Orphanage Improvements
Kingdom House Children's Services
Kinshasa Orphanage Rebuilding and Reopening
Kisangani Health Center and Maternity Center Reconstruction
Kivu Minority Evanglism Support
Koni Purscell
Korea Undesignated
Kristen Brown
Kristen L. Schmitz
Kristina Thorson
Krystal Norman
Kulli Toniste
Kusayapu Project
Language and Migrant Ministries: Germany
Language and Vocational School
Laos Church Buildings
Laos Mission Initiative
Laos Nationals in Mission
Larry J. Schmitz
Latin America Nationals in Mission
Latin America Undesignated
Latin American Biblical University Scholarships
Latvia In Mission Together
Latvia Nationals in Mission
Laura K. Wise
Laura V. Nunez Olaciregui
Lawrence Kies
Lay Speaking Servant Ministries
Leadership Development
Leadership Development for Church Women
Leadership Development for Women
Leadership Development Grants
Leadership Development Program
Leadership Development Program for Harris Memorial College
Leadership Resource Development
Leadership Training in Central and Southern Europe
Learning Center for Children
Lee Memorial Girls' High School
Lempira Honduras Vocational Training Project
Leogane Family Surgical Center, Haiti
Leonard Theological College, Jabalpur, India
Leonarda's Home of Hope
Lester Dornon
Liberia Nationals in Mission
Liberia Reconstruction Projects
Liberia Undesignated
Linda Stransky
Lisa R. Williams
Literacy for All
Lithuania In Mission Together
Lithuania Nationals in Mission
Livelihood Opportunities in the Upper River Region of The Gambia
Living Center for the Aging
Living Gifts: Heifer International
Living Hope High School
Living Well with Aids
Lodja Pastors
Lokamba Kahudi
Lord's Mountain Orphanage (formerly Front Porch Orphanage of Zambezi)
Lost and Found: Children of the Dominican Republic
Lourdes Teixeira Magalh
Lowell and Ruth Gess UMC Eye Hospital
Ludhiana Christian Medical College & Hospital
Lupandilo Nursing School and Clinic
Lyda Pierce
Lydia Patterson Institute
Macedonia In Mission Together
Macedonia Nationals in Missions
Malawi Nationals in Mission
Malawi Provisional Annual Conference
Malaysia Undesignated
Mama Tola Women Development Program Congo
Mama Wa Salama (Lady of Peace), Bethel Church Project
Manjama United Methodist Health Center
Manos Juntas Mexico, A.C. (Hands Together Ministry)
Manuel Padilla
Mapuche Ministries
Mar Elias Peace Study Center
Marcelo D. Gomes
Marcharkelti McKenzie
Margaret Jane (Knox) Kies
Margaret Madison
Maria Greathouse
Maria Niechwiadowicz
Mariellyn Dunlap Grace
Marilia Alves Schuller
Marilyn Chan
Marissa Isaac-Torres
Mark Stransky
Mark Zimmerman
Marsha Gail Alexander
Mary Gaston
Mary Gladstone-Highland
Mary Jo Phillips Methodist Daycare Center of Asuncion, Paraguay
Mary Johnston Hospital Free Hepatitis-B Vaccination
Mary K. Vandersommers
Mary Kuronzwi
Mary L. Escobar
Mary Randall Zigbuo
Material Assistance for the Needy
Material Resources
Maternal and Child Health Program, Maua Hospital
Matthew Laferty
Maua Hospital - Hospital Service Fund
Maua Hospital, Operational Outreach
Mbwizu Ndjungu
McCurdy Ministries (formerly known as McCurdy School)
Mechanizing Women's Palm Oil Processing
Medicine Box
Mei Yan Kennis Lam
Mercy Hospital
Mercy Ships Restoration of Hope
Meridith Whitaker
Merlin Metsla
Methodist Border Friendship Commission
Methodist Border Mission Network
Methodist Children's Home
Methodist Christian Home
Methodist Construction Projects in Chile
Methodist E-Academy
Methodist Foundation for Social and Cultural Action
Methodist Institute for Community Development
Methodist Liaison Office in Jerusalem
Methodist Rafiki Satellite Village
Methodist Rehabilitation and Forest Development, Tumanding, Arakan
Mexico Nationals in Mission
Mexico Undesignated
Mexico Volunteers in Mission, Eastern Conference
Michael Airgood
Michael Zdorow
Michelle Ivy
Michelle M. Wood
Middle East Undesignated
Migrant Worker Rights
Miguel Mairena
Milton J. Ilovares
Minga Hospital and Wembo Nyama Repairs and Solar Panels for Maternity
Ministerial Training
Ministries of the Methodist Women in Ecuador
Ministry with Roma People in Central and Southern Europe
Mission For Migrant Workers
Mission Guatemala
Mission Volunteers (Individual Volunteers)
Missionaries Around the World
Missionary and Evangelism Expansion
Missionary Transit Housing Infrastructure
Mississippi United Methodist Choctaw Mission
Moises Rosado
Molly Williams
Mongolia Mission Initiative
Morogoro United Methodist Preschools
Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy social ministries
Moscow Seminary - Scholarship and Academic Support
Mother and Child Survival
Motorcycles and Bicycles
Mount Sequoyah Ministry for Veterans and their Families
Mountain T.O.P.
Mozambique Bible School
Mozambique Nationals in Mission
Mozambique Undesignated
Mozart Makafui Adevu
Mpasa Medical & Nutrition Center
Mufwambwe D. Chamusa
Mujila Falls Agriculture Center
Mulungwishi Theological Seminary
Mulungwishi Women's School
Museba Village United Methodist Church Building
Mutwale Ntambo Wa Mushidi
My Heart's Appeal for the Intellectually Disabled
Namibia Nationals in Mission
Nan McCurdy
Nancy Augusta Carew
Nancy E. Robinson
Nandona Chikomb
National Challenge Fund for Hispanic-Latino Ministry
National Christian Formation and Children's Ministry
National Justice for Our Neighbors
Nationals in Mission (Persons In Mission)
Native American Children's Fund
Native American Comprehensive Plan
Nazar T. Yatsyshyn
Ndaie P. Lumbala
New Guinea Undesignated
New Horizon Methodist School
New Life Center in Zambia
New Nathaniel Gilbert Initiative
Ngoy Mulanga Kalangwa
Nicaragua Nationals in Mission
Nicaragua Undesignated
Nicholas H. Stanford
Nicodemus T. Doe
Nigeria Nationals in Mission
Nigeria Undesignated
Nkemba Ndjungu
Nora Cunningham
North Katanga Livestock Development
North Katanga Nationals in Mission
North Katanga Solar Panels Project
North Katanga Wings of the Morning
Norway Nationals in Mission
Nothing But Nets
Nutrition Project for Urban Communities
Nyembo Umpungu Mission Projects
Nyorowai C. Mutsago
ODIM - Organization for the Development of the Indigenous Maya
Okito Omba
Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference
Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference Construction Project Fund
Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference Parish Partners
Olga E. Gonzalez-Santiago
Olga Tshiwewe
Onema Lomoto Ombaku
Operation Classroom - Africa Support
Operation Classroom - Liberia
Operation Classroom - Sierra Leone
Opportunity School For the Mentally Challenged Children - New School building proposal
Opportunity School, Nappalayam - Educational Support for Mentally Challenged Children
Orphanage Ministries
Orphanage Ministry - Vietnam
Osias Segura-Guzman
Otshi Ombaku
Otshudi Okoko
OU Wesley Chinese Fellowship
Outreach Ministry of the Unalaska United Methodist Church
P. Kim
Pa Loko Agricultural Development Project
Pablo Mora Bogado
Pakistan Nationals in Mission
Pakistan Undesignated
Pan-African Rural Health & Social Services (PRHESS)
Panama Undesignated
PAPA's Ministries (Pastors and Priests Available for Service)
Paraguay's Methodist Bible Institute of Theology
Pastoral Salaries in Bolivia
Pastoral Support Fund
Pastoral Support in Ecuador
Pastoral Support within the Evangelical Methodist Church in El Salvador (IEMES)
Pastors and District Superintendent Salary Support
Pastors' Salary Support
Pastors' Salary Support in West Angola
Paul Jeffrey
Paul Lee Webster
Pauline Shongo
Paysand· Center Camp
Pediatric Services at Ludhiana Christian Hospital
People's Central Institute
Personal Energy Transportation (PET) Mobility Device
Peru Nationals in Mission
Peru Undesignated
Peru-Bolivia Lake Titicaca Border Mission
Peter Karanja
Philippines Nationals in Mission
Philippines Undesignated
Pierre Diamba Manya
Pioneer Evangelistic Work
Poland In Mission Together
Portugal Nationals in Mission
Poto Valentine Shutsha
Poverty Alleviation and Microcredit in Mo Dega
Previous Sadadzi
Primary and Secondary Schools
Primary and Secondary Schools Construction
Princess Jusu
Priscilla Jaiah
Prison Ministries
Prison Ministry
Priyadarshini Welfare Society
Project Crossroads
Project Salud y Paz (Health and Peace)
Projet Vie (Project Life)
Prosthesis Program
Providence Children's Home
Puerto Rico Nationals in Mission
Puerto Rico Undesignated
Pura Vida
Quechua Mission Evangelism
Quessua Mission Boarding School
Quessua Women's Training Center
Quynh-Hoa Nguyen
Qu?ssua Mission
Rachel DeBos
Rachel Gabler
Rachel T. Ternes
Radio Ministry
Randy Joe Hildebrant
Reaching Out Ministry
Rebecca L. Dean
Rebecca Parsons
Recycling through Redistribution: Medical Relief to the Third World
Red Bird Clinic Community Health
Red Bird Mission
Red Bird Mission School
Red Bird Missionary Conference Church and Outreach Ministries
Redevelopment of Methodist International Church, Hong Kong, SAR, P.R. of China
Refugee and Immigrant Support Service of Emaus
Refugee Response
Regina Bangura School of Nursing
Reintegration of Women with Mental Illness
Relinjoy D. Pabrua
Renewed Hope Missions
Renovation of UMC Headquarters - Philippines Central Conference
Repairs of Cuban Churches and Structures
Restorative Justice Ministries
Revitalization of Gbarnga Mission and School of Theology
Rhett Thompson
Ricardo Ramos
Rice and Beans Ministries
Richard Boone
Richard Navarro
Richmond P. Williams
Richmore Mutenda
Rio Grande Conference Pastoral Support
Robert Stephen Newnum
Robeson County Church and Community Center
Rocio Barcenas Jaureg
Roma Mission and Community Center in Alsozsolca
Roman F. Hofer
Romania In Mission Together
Romania Nationals in Mission
Romeo Del Rosario
Ronald Julian
Ronald Whitlatch
Rosangelica Acevedo-Delgado
Rukang Chikomb
Rural Alaska Native Adult Distance Learning Program
Rural Chaplains Association
Rural Health and Community Development Project of Clara Swain Hospital, Faridpur
Ruth Grubel
Sabbath K. Mavula
Sabeel Youth
Safe Communities Projects
Salary Support for Ministers
Salary Support for Pastors
Salary Suppport and Training for Pastoral and Community Leadership
Samuel Om
Samuteb Memorial Hospital in Kapanga
Sandra Groves
Sandra Kaye Raasch
Sang Ah Gu
Sara Flores Quinonez
Sarah F. Hundley
Sarah Mudge
Sarah Roemer
Sarah Wilcox Smoot
Scholarship for Children for Education at Mabel Jones Hostel
Scholarships for Elementary, Secondary, College & Seminary Education
Scholarships Seminario Teologico de la Iglesia Evangelica Dominicana (SeTIED)
School Building Project
Seed Project
Seminary Scholarships
Senegal Christian Education
Senegal Mission Initiative
Senegal Wellness Project
Senior Adult Ministries in Bolivia
Serbia In Mission Together
Serbia Nationals in Mission
Sergio Felipe Tristan
Serna Samuel
Services for Children with Disabilities
Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary
Severin Pelekara
Sewing Workshop
Shade and Fresh Water
Shandirai B. Bwawa
Sharanam Shelter for Abandoned and Vulnerable Children
Shelter for Displaced Widows
Sheltering the Children of John Dean Town
Shepherd Society
Shirley Townsend-Jones
Shungu Clinic
Sierra Leone Nationals in Mission
Sierra Leone Undesignated
Sierra Leone Water and Development Ministry
Sierra Service Project
SIFAT (Servants in Faith and Technology)
Singapore Undesignated
Sizanani, Academy of Sewing and Design
Skainos Project Belfast
Skills Training Center for Women in Musumba Village
Slovakia In Mission Together
Society of St. Andrew
SOL Communication
Solar Oven Partners UMC
Sonia Vargas-Maldonado
Sonya Luna
Soraya De Arco
Souper Bowl of Caring
South Africa Nationals in Mission
South Africa Relief and Development
South Africa Undesignated
South India Undesignated
South Kivu Agricultural Cooperative
South Pacific Undesignated
South Sudan Church and Nursery School Build Project (South Sudan CAN Build)
South Sudan Development
South Sudan District Congregations Organized for Microfinance Empowerment (South Sudan COME)
South Sudan Health Empowering All Lives (South Sudan HEAL)
South Sudan Nationals in Mission
South Sudan Pastor Annual Support Transition from Outside Resources
South Sudan Renewing Environment and Agriculture for People (South Sudan REAP)
South Sudan Shalom Ministry
South Sudan Training Educators, Adding Capacity to Help Villages (South Sudan TEACH Villages)
South Sudan Undesignated
Southeast Asia Undesignated
Southeastern Jurisdictional Agency for Native American Ministries (SEJANAM)
Southern Africa Methodist Volunteers In Mission
Southern Congo Nationals in Mission
Southern Congo Wings of the Morning
Southern Philippines Methodist Colleges Building Project
Southern Philippines Methodist Colleges, Scholarships and Meals
Spain Undesignated
Sri Lanka Nationals in Mission
St. Paul's Methodist Health Center
Stephanie Plotas
Stephen Copley
Stephen Quigg
Stop Hunger Now
Stove Builders of Guatemala
Street Children Care
Street Children Ministry
Street Kids and Vulnerable Children Project
Strength For Service
Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century
Strong Missions Loaves and Fishes
Su Lim
Sudan Development
Suleman A. Isa
Summer Camp for Lithuanian Children and Youth
Sun Lae Kim
Supplement Salary for Pastors in East Angola
Support for International Volunteer Coordinators
Susanna Cho
Susannah Wesley Education and Healthcare Center, Morogoro
Sustainable Integrated Community Development in Haiti
Sweden Undesignated
Switzerland Nationals in Mission
Switzerland Undesignated
Swords Turned into Plowshares
Taejon Christian Social Welfare Center
Taiwan Undesignated
Tansen United Mission Hospital
Tanzania Nationals in Mission
Tanzania Undesignated
Tara D. Vinson
Taurai N. Jokonya
Tendai Paul Manyeza
Tengokuya Cafe (Heaven's Cafe)
Thailand Mission Initiative
Thailand Nationals in Mission
The Big Garden
The Center for Victims of Torture
The Center of Hope (HIV-AIDS)
The English-speaking School of Lubumbashi
The Experimental Project of Promoting Deaf Teacher Teaching Chinese Sign Language in University
The Hands and Heart of the Christ Orphanage Home
Theodore Warnock
Theological Education
Thirsty of Zambia, New Life International
Thiu Rancho Project
Tiffania L. Willetts
Tim Boyle
Tonga Undesignated
Training Center for Women of Nicoadala
Transformation Project Prison Ministry
Transformational Ministries in Italy
Tree of Life Ministry
Trinidad Nationals in Mission
Trinidad Undesignated
Trinity Theological College
True Vineyard Ministries, Inc., (Formerly Bake the Cycle)
Tsalala Women Training Center and Program Department
Tudikwashi Rural Health Care
Tunisia Undesignated
Tyler Smoot
Umba Ilunga Kalangwa
UMC - BEA Global Center Project
UMC Kissy General Hospital
UMCN Children's Ministry
UMCN Junior Seminary, Secondary School Fencing Project and Access Road
UMCN Nursery-Primary School, Gwandum
UMCOR Animal Livestock and Training
UMCOR Aviation Project
UMCOR Philippines
UMCOR Sager Brown
UMCOR Sustainable Agriculture and Development
UMCOR Sustainable Recovery and Development
Underprivileged People Upliftment Program Through Cottage Industry - Kallakurichi
Undesignated - UMCOR
United Methodist Children's Fund for Christian Mission
United Methodist Church Agriculture Program (UMCAP)
United Methodist Church Construction, Morogoro
United Methodist Church Guest House and Reception, Dar es Salaam
United Methodist Church Technical Support
United Methodist Community Radio
United Methodist Global AIDS Fund
United Methodist Mountain Mission
United Methodist NOMADS
United Methodist Schools of C?te d'Ivoire
United Methodist University of Mozambique
United Methodist Volunteers In Mission - North Central Jurisdiction
United Methodist Volunteers In Mission - Northeastern Jurisdiction
United Methodist Volunteers In Mission - South Central Jurisdiction
United Methodist Volunteers In Mission - Southeastern Jurisdiction
United Methodist Volunteers In Mission - Western Jurisdiction
United States Mission Undesignated
University Student Ministries
Upper Sand Mountain Parish Family Care Services
Urban Santa Cruz Children's Ministry
Uruguay Nationals in Mission
Uruguay Undesignated
Ut Van To
Vehicles for Evangelization, Social Service, and Other Church Needs
Venezuela Nationals in Mission
Venezuela Undesignated
Veronica F. Apecena
Vickie Sigmon
Victims of Agent Orange
Victoria L. Stanford
Victorine V. Kashala
Vietnam Mission Initiative
Wadi Foquin Community Development Project
Walter Erbele
Walter Reitz Child Development Center
Warne Baby Fold, Bareilly
Warren Village, Inc.
Water and Sanitation Services for Child Care
Water for Life
Water Project For Jamaa Letu Orphanages
Water Pumps
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
Water@Work: Community Based Sustainable Water Plants
Wells for Sustainability in South Sudan
Wesley College and Education Center
Wesley Divinity School Philippines Scholarship Program
Wesley M. Neal
Wesley Primary School
Wesleyan Theological Seminary
Wheels For Senegal
Whitney L. Peters
Wholistic Development of Women
Wi'am Community Empowerment & Conflict Transformation
Widows' Association
Widows Rehabilitation Center at Veeracholapuram
William Gibson
William Harry Lovelace
William Llanos Z·±iga
Williams C. Morris Middle School Expansion - La Boca Neighborhood
Willow Alaska United Methodist Church
Willow Church and Community Ministry
Wilma Lynch
Women and Community
Women Leadership Training Center (WLTC) Bambur
Women Leadership Training Center Zing
Women, Children and Youth Ministries
Women's Development and Preschool for Orphans, Dar es Salaam
Women's Empowerment and Leadership Training Project
Women's Skills Center
Workteam Coordination and Mission Promotion
World Communion Scholarships
World Div General-Women's Div Misc Held Supplementary Gifts
World Hunger and Poverty
World Miss/Supplementary Gifts - Designated
World Neighbors: Capacity Building for Women in Burkina Faso
Young Adult Mission Service Programs
Young C. Cho
Young Seon Kim
Youth and Women in Apiculture for Economic Empowerment
Youth and Young Adults Ministry
Youth in Mission - Latin America and the Caribbean
Youth Leadership Development
Youth Leadership Training Program
Yuko Boyle
Yves Kinangwa
Zambia Undesignated
Zamboanga Peninsula District Church Planting Project
Zimbabwe Development
Zimbabwe Nationals in Mission
Zimbabwe Undesignated
Zimele Community - Building Self-Reliance
ZOE: Helping Children Help Themselves

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