Faith and Theology

Resources focused on spiritually deep preaching and teaching formed by theology, history and tradition of the church. Click here for a more detailed description.
Fuller Studio

FULLER studio provides free resources for individuals, churches, and communities committed to a deeply formed spiritual life.

The Institute of Preaching

The Institute of Preaching is a nine-month program of three retreats designed to help clergy from the Florida and Western North Carolina Conferences of the United Methodist Church improve their preaching.

10 Things Great Preachers Do Differently

What separates good preachers from great preachers? Charley Reeb, a Florida pastor known as a gifted preacher, says talent is less important than approaching the task with the right perspective and preparing effectively.

Ministry Matters

Articles about and ideas for sermon series can be found on Ministry Matters, offering resources for United Methodists. There are articles with ideas for sermon series. Some suggest a theme, some give an outline, and a few have full-text sermons!

Lectionary Lab

Snippets, thoughts, illustrations and the occasional sermon for texts of Scripture as arranged in the Revised Common Lectionary. Brought to you by The Rev'ds Dr. John Fairless and Dr. Delmer Chilton (aka "Two Bubbas and a Bible).

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