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Due to rising COVID delta variant cases, conference leadership has made a new guideline for conference and district gatherings:


Ministries sponsored by the Conference or Districts will limit all in-person, inside gatherings to a maximum of 25 persons, meeting for no more than 2 hours, until the statewide NAAT positivity infection rate is below 7.5%. Persons at these gatherings must wear masks and socially distance themselves as much as possible. 

This guideline does not apply to local churches. It only applies to conference and district ministries, meetings, and gatherings. Because the Antiracism Ethics Training is affected directly by this new guideline, we will shift from in-person to virtual workshops for this fall.  In-person workshops will be offered once feasibly safe to do so.

The objectives and the content of the virtual workshop will be the same as the in-person model. However, the structure, delivery, and length of the virtual workshop are tailored to meet the needs of a variety of learners while utilizing the opportunities and diminishing the restrictions associated with an online learning environment.

The Virtual RISE! Workshop is an eLearning course which includes self-paced lessons, online small group discussions, and scheduled Zoom meetings spanning approximately 12 days with the following format:

Day 1     Orientation Session via Zoom (evening)
Days 2-5     Four Self-Paced Lessons via eLearning Platform
Day 6     Two 3-hour Zoom Sessions (morning and afternoon)
Days 7-11      Two Self-Paced Lessons via eLearning Platform
Day 12     Two 3-hour Zoom Sessions (morning and afternoon)


We are offering seven (7) options for Virtual RISE! Workshops through the end of this year. Below you will see a complete listing of the seven workshops and their corresponding dates. The Virtual RISE! Workshops are NOT district-specific so you can choose any virtual workshop with dates that will work for you.

Fall 2021 Virtual Training Workshops are full. 


Information for Spring 2022 Workshops will be available on this webpage in December.


If you previously registered for one of the cancelled in-person trainings, you will need to complete a new registration in order to participate in a virtual training or a future in-person training.  You can use the payment code sent to the email you provided in your previous registration to register for another training at no additional cost.

The mandatory ethics training for this quadrennium is Antiracism Ethics Training.  All who are under appointment or assignment in WNC are expected to participate in one of the training events over the next four years by June 2024. This workshop is designed for clergy and laity together. It is essential for each pastor to identify a key lay person to attend it together with him/her as a partner in advancing the work of antiracism.  Basically, the two-day event will be scheduled in each district twice a year, unless we shift to virtual workshops for a season due to COVID situations and are offered different sets of dates.

Appointed Clergy who live outside the conference will also need to meet the antiracism ethics requirement. If you cannot attend one of the WNC trainings, you will need to send documentation of participation in antiracism training to the Office of Ministerial Services. The WNC training is two days.  Those living outside of the bounds of the conference will need to provide evidence of significant time spent in learning and understanding antiracism.

Training will be led by RISE!.  RISE! is designed to equip and support spiritual leaders to recognize, confront, and challenge racism and cultivate an equitable future. Through activities and reflection, the multi-racial facilitation team will provide attendees with useful tools to unearth racism as it is embedded within communities of faith. Participants will examine race theologically through Biblical exegesis and the history of Christianity within the United States.  

Find more details about the training in the video and information below.




The cost for participants is $100 per person.  Please read the Q&A below for more information on the cost and refunds.

Antiracism Ethics Training Q & A

Who is required to participate in the training?

ALL clergy under appointment in WNC and all certified lay ministers/lay supply pastors under assignment in the WNCC are required to attend a workshop by June 2024. WNC clergy under appointment in other annual conferences (whether to a church or extension ministry/appointment beyond the local church) are encouraged to try to come to WNC for a training event.  You will be required to do quadrennial ethics training.  If you cannot get to WNC for this training, you will need to find a similar training event and send it to Rev. Kim Ingram for approval PRIOR to registering or participating.

Why should a lay person and clergy attend the training together?

This workshop is designed for clergy and laity together. It is essential for each pastor to identify a key lay person to attend it together with him/her as a partner in advancing the work of antiracism. Find a lay person who is supportive of antiracism efforts and who has influence in the congregation/organization. 

Can clergy and laity participate in separate training sessions because of scheduling conflicts for the laity, etc.?

Yes, even though it is ideal that they attend the same session together.

Who will conduct the training? 

The training will be facilitated by RISE! (Race: an In-Depth Spiritual Examination) trainers.  Learn more about RISE! here.

Why do I have to pay for the training?

Payment by credit card is required at the time of registration.  To adequately address the topic of antiracism, this training is more extensive than the trainings of previous quadrennia. If the church where the clergy serves has continuing education funds budgeted, this could be a good use for those funds. We understand that cost can be a barrier for some to participate. Thanks to the generous grant from The Duke Endowment and the support from the Board of Ordained Ministry, Justice and Reconciliation Team, and WNCC Districts, the fee has been reduced considerably. 

If an emergency arises and I’m unable to attend, are the fees refundable?

Contact your district office if you are unable to attend. 

If an emergency arises and I’m unable to attend a Zoom session, what do I do?

Contact your district office if you are unable to attend.

Will there be a certificate of completion?

A certificate will be given to each participant at the end of the training and your participation will be recorded with the conference and district.

Will there be any follow-up training or resources?

A Virtual Reflection and Prayer Meeting (VRPM) and a Priority Planning Session (PPS) will be offered after each District's training workshop to help the congregations/organizations that the clergy and laity serve to engage in further antiracism work. Look for specific information for your District's offerings in the attached document "WNCC Antiracism Ethics Training Process" in the registration confirmation email. Also, RISE! Team will offer opportunities to register and engage in Online Discussion Groups."

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