Submission of
Written and Digital Video Material to the BOM

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  1. The typed documents will be emailed to Discernment Team Chairs in a Word or PDF File.
  2. You will open up a YouTube Account to upload your video and provide the video link as a part of your typed information for the Board to review.


Videos for Board of Ordained Ministry 2019

Basic Procedures:

For Associate Membership: A Sermon and Worship Service, Bible Study, and any other Digital Images necessary.

For Provisional Elder:  A Sermon and Worship Service

For Provisional Deacon: Any Digital Images necessary for the Proclamation assignment

For Full Connection Deacon: Any Digital Images necessary for the Proclamation Requirements, the Bible Study and any other supplemental materials if needed.

For Full Connection Elder:  A Sermon and Worship Service, Bible Study, and any other supplemental materials if needed.

Basic Video Information

Videos should be good quality with good quality sound.  It is not meant to be a motion picture, but a good representation of your preaching/teaching/worship leading. It is NOT recommended to buy a video camera for this, most modern smart phones (Android or Apple) will work great!

*NEW THIS YEAR* We are moving to YouTube for video uploading, to help alleviate anxiety around file limits. YouTube allows you to upload unlimited video size and also allows you to make it Unlisted, so that the only people who can see it are those who you share the link with.

If you do not have an account already, you will need to open a YouTube account ( (if you already have a Gmail account, Google shares Account information between its products, so the same login for your Gmail will work for YouTube). YouTube accounts are free and have no limitations on space and video size.

Because you will be uploading a video over 15 minutes, you will need to verify your account if you are creating one (they send an email and you click a link). Please see for help.

Capturing video:

As stated earlier, we recommend just using your smart phone for capturing video.

Neither of these are required.

You may also choose to use your own personal video camera for recording. We recommend recording a short clip on whatever device you choose and watch it to ensure it looks and sounds okay, before recording the full project.

Edit video:

The BOM only wants to see a complete program, from the beginning of the service to the end. Follow the instructions in regards to the files that you post. Extra minutes on the beginning or end will only increase the amount of video that you will need to compress.

If you need to edit your film, and you used your smart device to record, you can also use your device to edit it. You may also wish to transfer it to your laptop for editing.

Recommended Apps (all free):

  • iOS: iMovie
  • Android: Google Photos
  • MacOS: iMovie
  • Windows: Windows Movie Maker

After your video is edited to the correct length, then you are ready to upload the video.

Uploading Video:

If using your smart device, iOS and Android provide ways to share to YouTube directly from the app you used to edit the video. Essentially, you can do this entire process from your phone.

If you are on your computer, you will want to go to to upload your video.

Depending on the length of your video and your internet speed, this could take a while. *Important*: Please make sure to make the video Unlisted. This ensures that it is not available for search and can only be viewed by people with a link. DO NOT use Private.

For more instructions and videos, please see:

Once the upload is complete, the video will take some time to process. Please allow up to 24 hours, depending on the size and length of the video. It is not recommended to do this the night before it is due.

When completed, YouTube will provide you with a link. Share the link to this video in your information to the BOM in your email submitted documents. Please include them on each of the cover sheets. Also, please make sure that the Visibility is “Unlisted.”

After you have completed these steps, be sure to test the video several times.

Can you see the video? Is the sound quality good? Can you email the link to a friend, and can they open it? Is the video complete?

If you followed the directions above, you should be ready to go.

Please email any questions to Chris, Director of Web and Database Administration at

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