Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries of NC, Inc.

Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries of NC, Inc. (DBOM) was founded in 1999 as a ministry of the Western North Carolina and North Carolina Conferences.

DBOM’S mission is:  "to develop and strengthen Bible study ministries in local churches and in outreach settings - especially prisons - which will transform lives, make disciples, and empower Christians for outreach ministry." 

DBOM recruits and trains volunteers from local churches for ministry in state and federal prisons, county jails and youth development centers.  In addition, DBOM promotes Disciple Bible Study in local churches and provides facilitator’s training for volunteers.  

Thousands of NC prison inmates have been involved in DBOM’s Disciple prison classes and hundreds of volunteers have been trained and certified for the DBOM outreach ministry.

Click here and watch these videos as some of our NC volunteers and prison inmates share what the DBOM ministry has meant to them. http://disciplebibleoutreach.org/testimonies/

In 2010, an expansion effort was begun and DBOM National was established.  In addition to the founding ministry in NC, DBOM also currently maintains ministries in North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Illinois and Arkansas. 

Rev. Mark Hicks was appointed by Bishop Kammerer as the founding Director in 1999.  In 2010 he was named President of DBOM National.  Hicks writes:  “The fast expansion of the DBOM ministry into other states shows the power of Jesus Christ and the hunger for ministry among our growing prison population.”

Currently America incarcerates 2.4 million persons. Ours is the largest prison population in the world. Tragically, many of those released from our prisons return to prison in only a few short years. DBOM has a response to this growing problem – Jesus Christ and the ministry of Christian volunteers! 

The rate of return following release among DBOM participants is much less than the general prison population. The stories coming out of these studies are a powerful witness to the impact of the DBOM ministry. The DBOM Sunday offering takes place in the churches of the WNCC and NCC yearly on the 4th Sunday in August.  This year, the offering will be received on August 23rd 2015. 

Funds are used to provide Disciple Bible study materials for inmates; provide recruitment, training and resourcing for prison volunteers; support Disciple Bible study facilitation training for prison and local church volunteers; and support the RINGS OF FELLOWSHIP outreach to incarcerated and at-risk youth.

Please support this outreach of our church and if you feel called to volunteer with DBOM in a prison, jail or youth development center, contact Mark Hicks at the DBOM office in Jamestown.  This summer, new volunteers are being recruited and a training event is scheduled at Jamestown UMC on Saturday, August 22nd.

DBOM Contact: Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries of NC, Inc. P.O. Box 370 Jamestown, NC 27282 336-454-5348 MCHicks@northstate.net www.disciplebibleoutreach.org