Dinner Church



Your congregation can start a Dinner Church!


What is a dinner church?

A dinner church is simply the church gathered around the dinner table. Some dinner churches are large gatherings in fellowship halls; some are smaller gatherings meeting in restaurants or homes. Orders of worship differ from dinner church to dinner church. Some include short messages, some encourage table conversations, most have a time of community prayer, some have music, and some don’t.


Why start a dinner church?  

Only 15% of Churches in the United State are reporting growth. Churches around the conference and across the country are seeing incredible growth through starting a dinner church. We have several churches in our conference with average Sunday worship attendance at 30 who have dinner churches with over 60 people! -

Dinner Church is based on the ministry of Jesus. John Dominic Crossan suggested, “To watch Jesus during an average day would revel him doing two things repeatedly: healing and eating.”


Dinner Church Grants!

The Western NC Conference Vitality Team is offering $2,500 grants to 25 churches who want to start a dinner church and $1,000 to 20 churches with an existing dinner church. Grants can be used for food costs, interior design and/or tech updates to fellowship halls. Click the button below to apply for a dinner church grant.


Start a Dinner Church today! If your congregation is ready to start a dinner church, contact the WNC Conference Fresh Expressions Coordinator, Luke Edwards at ledwards@wnccumc.net

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