Turning Your Ideas Into Actions

Tuesday, February 2, 2021
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February 2, 2021

By Erin Burleson

What does it take for you to turn your ideas into actions?
I don’t mean theoretically, I mean literally. 
What do you need to take a next step to see the kingdom of God be revealed in your community?
Would $1,000 help get you started? 
Do you need a team to execute your ideas? 
Maybe you’re looking for a listening ear to flesh out a sustainable plan, or you need to dig a little deeper into what’s motivating your mission. 
Whatever it is you’re wishing for, you can see the kingdom of God unfold in your space and in this season. Even in the pandemic, it is possible.
It begins with prayer, but it moves towards a process.
Everyone benefits when there is a  process to help discern our dreams; especially since so many of our dreams die when we get stuck at one of the steps to realization.
One process that’s helping dreams come alive is the Virtual Pitch Session; an exclusive event for Missional Collective Participants to pitch innovative ministry ideas for the chance to win $1,000.  In January, a group of 17 individuals logged online and committed to “less complaining and more dreaming” as the tagline touts.  There were 6 presenters who mustered up the courage to talk out loud about projects they’ve been planning; and they did it with denominational leaders and experts in the field sitting in the judges seats! 

The process of planning started with listening and learning about the needs and opportunities for the local community; This was built in to the Missional Collective Journey completed over the course of a year. When leaders do the hard work of relational based analysis, trust is built, confidence grows, and forward momentum is multiplied.
The next step was collaborative planning session (for most folks) using a customized google Jamboard . We highly recommend these for facilitating visual brainstorming sessions with the people helping shape your project. Consider who you need to invite into the conversation happening inside your head. Even if you are an introvert, you’ll find that your work can go further faster, when more people have a voice in the vision.
Finally, participants were invited to pitch ideas for a total of 2 minutes and gifted 5 minutes of questions from their peers.  We say “gifted” because we’re confident that the peer questions will continue to help everyone refine plans and adjust outcomes that better align with the type of missional engagement we’re cultivating (empowerment over relief.) While not everyone needs the pressure of a formalized pitch night to take action, everyone does need people to receive the first round of reasoning for your endeavor and help clarify what it is you are offering. Find the courage to share your story with people outside of your planning team; and ideally with people who can think critically about your objectives.

While there was ultimately only one winner, (listen to Julia Trantham-Heckert’s Pitch on a pilot project) everyone enjoyed the opportunity to open up to like-minded friends for the feedback they needed to take their ministry projects one step deeper.  The process really is quite simple; Listen, plan, critique. If you’ve done those three steps well then, you’ll be eager to execute with empowerment moving centerstage. 
If you long to be part of the growing collective of folks that both pray and process with each other, then we invite you to apply for this year’s Missional Collective Journey today!

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